Baccarat is one of the most popular casino games in the world. Not blackjack, not roulette, but baccarat is what really keeps the lights on for the big casino resorts in some parts of the world.

Baccarat’s popularity stems from one thing: it’s simplicity. Baccarat, or punto banco as it’s sometimes referred to, is the most straightforward game in the casino.

Even if you’ve never set foot in a casino, even if you’ve never played a game of chance before: baccarat is the game for you. Or rather: especially if you lack experience, the baccarat table is where you need to be heading.

Baccarat is Simple

With baccarat, you can’t make any real mistakes. There’s no decision you can make that would be considered a glaring error. There’s not a lot you can do where the dealer will tell you it’s not allowed. In fact, besides picking whose “side” you’re on, there’s no real decision to be made for you. You don’t have the option to hit or stand like with blackjack, no call or fold like poker. In some casinos, you don’t even get to touch the cards with baccarat. Going with either the banker, the player, or predicting a tie between the two is the only decision you need to make.

Still, a lot is going on at the table. The dealer deals the first four cards and sometimes adds another to either side. The dealer declares the number of points, but from what you know of playing cards and their typical value, they don’t add up. And in some casinos in the world, the dealer will have smaller denomination chips in front of him, and they expect you to match that before leaving the table. And why are players sometimes allowed to bent the cards and even crumble them?

We’ll Explain

Although the decisions in baccarat are limited, some things can still be confusing. Luckily, HowtoCasino has all the answers. We’ll explain to you what’s going on, what the best bet is, and whether streaks are a thing. So, browse the baccarat wiki and look around. If you have a question that we haven’t answered yet, don’t hold back and reach out!


What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is a straightforward card game. The player plays against the banker. The main goal is to get a hand that is closest to a total of 9. In that case, you win. The good news about this game is that you don’t need any strategy to enjoy playing, so it is one of the best games for beginners.

What is Super 6?

Super 6 is a new version of Baccarat that’s been gaining popularity in the past few years. It has three types of bets: banker bet, player bet, and tie bet.

Are there different types of Baccarat?

Yes, there are. The most common is Punto Banco (player-banker), Three-card Baccarat, Mini-Baccarat, Super 6, Chemin De Fer, and Baccarat en Banque.