New players often wonder about when the dealer draws third cards in baccarat. While not completely straightforward, this is something you learn with time and experience.

Drawing third cards can have a monumental impact on how your round has progressed!

Keeping track of how many cards you have on the table is not something baccarat players have to worry about. Unless they plan on playing the 4-5-6 side bet offered at a few baccarat tables, that is!

4, 5, 6 Side Bet

4, 5, 6 Side Bet

Like so many other side bets, this one also requires players to place a main bet first. You can choose either banker, player or tie.

None of the three main bets have any synergy with the 4-5-6 side bet, unlike Super 6 and banker wins.



The goal of the 4-5-6 side bet is to guess the number of cards on the table.

Keep it to four cards only, and you receive a 3:2 payout. Getting five or six cards pays 2:1. In both cases, you have to face the relatively low chance of winning. 

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