One of the fundamental rules of casino games is that the house always wins. This is not just a cool saying that came out of nowhere. Every available bet is designed in such a way to ensure the operator wins in the end.

One or two players may win big, but the losses of everyone else more than make up for that. This is why the Lucky Bonus side bet available on select no commission baccarat tables stands out so much. It actually gives the punter a long-term advantage!

Banker Bet With Lucky Bonus

Banker Bet With Lucky Bonus

Before you can enjoy this side bet, you have to place one of three main bets. Banker, player and tie are all options you can consider!

We personally recommend going for banker bets, as it aligns quite nicely with the side bet.

Player Advantage

Player Advantage

Lucky Bonus pays players when they win with the number six in their banker hand.

Without this side bet, this would produce a decreased reward! Instead, you receive an 18:1 payout when it happens.

The side bet has a player advantage of 2.34%. That said, operators limit its effectiveness in two ways. First, you cannot bet more than 10% of your banker bet on the Lucky Bonus. It also requires a specific banker win, and the banker bet has a house edge of 1.33%.

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