Looking for a lovely mix of simple and entertaining? If so, you need to look no further than baccarat! This game has quickly become a favourite for players.

With a great RTP and easy to understand gameplay, baccarat can be enjoyed without strategy charts or complicated jargon. Baccarat has three wagers: player, banker and tie. Player bets, while less likely to occur, are not subject to any additional costs after being won.

The Bet

The Bet

No matter if you play real-world or online baccarat, betting comes first. In your case, you want to set your wager on the player bet.

Pick a coin value that suits your budget, and then place it on the player field. Once bets are placed, the round can begin.

The Payout

The Payout

Two cards will be drawn for the banker and player hands. Both sides are hoping to get as close to nine as possible without going over. A third card can be drawn for one or both hands if neither is close enough to the required number.

If the player hand is closer to nine than its rival, then the player bet wins. The exact payout may vary between variants, but it is worth 1:1 in almost every baccarat game we played!

It is also not subject to any commissions, meaning you receive the full payout.

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