Fifteen checkers each and a pair of dice. That’s all you need for a game of backgammon. A proper backgammon board and a doubling cube might come in handy but aren’t imperative to get started.

Like chess, all the information is in the open, no hidden cards or secret tells one can look for. But don’t mistake the game’s simple setup for an indication that it’s all luck or winning is simple. The contrary is true: backgammon is a game with endless possibilities, countless strategies, and innumerable snags.

Luck is Involved

Like chess, you play backgammon in a one-against-one setting with the same starting position for both players. But where chess is all a game of the mind, there’s some luck involved in backgammon. It’s the two dice that bring that element to the board. Acting as a random number generator, the dice can help those behind get well in front or speed up a player’s winning run considerably.

While luck is an element in backgammon, in the long run, the better player will always win. Backgammon is a game of skill, few will argue. You might get lucky and beat a stronger player in any random game. But play them often enough, and you’ll see you’ll self end up losing significantly more than you walk away a winner.

Ancient Game

People have been playing backgammon for more than 5000 years, making it one of the oldest known board games in the world. The game originates in Persia, modern-day Iran and Iraq. While a game of skill, backgammon used to be found in casinos. Nowadays, you’ll have a tough time finding a match in a gambling establishment.

In the heydays of the game’s popularity, James Bond even played. In the dubiously called movie Octopussy, Bond squares off against the villain Kamal Khan in a game of backgammon for high stakes. A suave move in the end – switching his dice for the loaded dice Khan is using through a made-up rule dubbed Players Privilege – saves Roger Moore’s Bond in the last move of the game.

Backgammon turned into an online game

But while it’s true that the game has moved away from brick and mortar gambling houses, backgammon is still popular all over the world and offered by many online casinos. You can play online against an opponent or play the stripped version where you play against the house with just two pieces. In the latter game, players have only the options of ‘Jump,’ ‘Out,’ and ‘Doubles.’ 

HowtoCasino is here to help you learn the ins and outs of backgammon. Whether you’re a regular player or this is your first time playing, and whether you’re looking for a proper match or one against the house shooter: HowtoCasino has every bit of info you need.


Can you play Backgammon online?

Although Backgammon is one of the oldest and most popular board games, there are free online versions. However, this board game was created to play with a friend, so a good old face-to-face rivalry may be more appealing.

Are there any Backgammon rules?

Backgammon is a straightforward game, so the rules are also simple. The board is divided into four sections (quadrants), two for each player, with 24 triangles.

The main goal is to remove your checkers from the board before your opponent. Backgammon involves some luck as the moves are made based on the roll of dice. But, without a strategy and some tactics, it will be hard to win.

What do you need to play Backgammon?

You only need a board, 15 checkers for each player, a pair of dice, a doubling cube, and dice cups.