Bingo is a well-known game of chance usually played with 90 balls and at least one card per individual. The cards consist of 15 numbers, split into three lines of 5 numbers. The numbers on the cards reflect the numbers on the balls. Typically, the aim of the game is to become the first player to match all numbers and fill the whole card.

To start the gameplay, you need to purchase cards. Well, at least one. The exact number of scorecards depends on the selected bingo room. Your chances are bigger if you purchase more cards. 

Bingo Rules

The bingo game includes the scorecards and each of them has 25 numbered squares. At the same time, the word “bingo” is written on the cap. The aim of every player is to cover five squares whether in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal direction. How? Well, by matching the numbers which appear on the bingo balls. One by one, the numbers (or other symbols) are marked on the card(s) and once they form a pattern or fill out the entire card, there is a win. 

If you are ready to play the game, you will be able to find bingo scorecards at one of the local stores. If you are playing the game as a recreational activity with your kids, you can find the scorecards on the Internet. You can print them out and write symbols, letters and words to make the gameplay even more entertaining. 

Origins of Bingo

The game of bingo has a rich history. It appeared around 1778 when it was known as a children’s game lotto. The American version of bingo dates back to the 19th century. The game was spread in Britain, where it was enjoyed by the local army. During the Great Depression in the 1930s, bingo was popular in theaters. It has also become popular in Asia, including Japan, where players enjoyed the game to the fullest. 

The Course of the Game

As part of the bingo game, one of the players should be a caller.  This is how the game is played offline. The caller has a role to read the letters and numbers that decide which squares will be covered or marked on the cards. The caller will also participate in the game. However, those who play at bingo halls will have the specified caller. In these situations, the caller will not play bingo with other participants.

The bingo game starts when the caller deals a bingo card to every player. Every player places a marker on the “Free Space” of the card. The caller will spin the spinner and call out the letter and number pointed by the spinner. The caller will place a marker on the letter and number. Players then have to check letters and numbers on their cards. If they match, a marker should be placed on the same square.

The game ends once a player has placed 5 adjacent markers in one of the following directions: horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. In this case, the player should call out “Bingo!”. When a player calls out, the caller will check their cards to ensure that the correct letters and numbers are marked. If everything is in order, the player who announced a bingo is the winner of the game.

Can I cheat at bingo?

It is always possible to cheat, but you are not recommended to do so. First of all, it is very complicated as you need to utilize a false bingo card. Additionally, you need to cooperate with the caller to make sure that he or she will call the numbers for you.

Is bingo based on luck or can you also rely on skills?

Apart from being a game of luck, bingo includes some skills. It means that players should be fast when spotting the correct number of the card and yell out bingo. Players can also enhance their winning chances by playing multiple cards. You should also be able to manage several cards at the same time if you wish to be skillful at the game. 

Can you play bingo with playing cards?

Yes, of course. You can play bingo with two decks consisting of 52 cards. The caller will deal five cards to every player from the initial deck (face up cards). In the next step, the dealer will take cards from the second deck and call out both the suit and rank. If the dealer calls the card from your deck, you should turn it face down. The first participant that turns all their cards face down will get a bingo.

How many participants can win at one time?

here is an unlimited number of players who can win at the same time.  It all depends on the balls in play. The entire process is random.  There are multiple card combinations which means that many players can have winning combos simultaneously. 

Should I scream bingo when I have it?

Yes, you need to do it. However, if you are already an experienced player, just say it loudly enough that the caller hears you. There is no need to shout.

How many digits are called in a bingo game?

The exact number of called numbers depends on the variation of the game. The most frequent variations of the bingo game are 75, 80, or 90-ball bingo. The digits are called until one of the players wins. You can also find coverall games where you can see more numbers covered.