Despite not being so popular as the 75 and 90 ball versions, 80 ball bingo has become one of the player favorites. The game is perfect for gamblers who are looking for the unique twist of online bingo. 80-ball bingo is also ideal for gamblers who consider 90-ball bingo slow, and who also think that 75-ball bingo is a bit traditional. To find more about the game and learn its rules, be sure to check this article.

Familiarise Yourself with Layout and Bingo Patterns

Familiarise Yourself with Layout and Bingo Patterns

80-ball bingo displays a 4×4 layout with 16 numbers. Every of the 4 columns is displayed in a distinctive color, and the digits themselves are split into the four colors. There are 20 numbers that create every group.

Included are red columns with numbers from 1 to 20, yellow with numbers between 21-40, blue – with numbers between 41-59, and silver with numbers between 60-80.

Check the Main Rules

Check the Main Rules

If you join 80-ball bingo, you will see numbers from 1 through 80. When it comes to the live hall, a bingo caller will call every number until the winning card/s are displayed. The same rules apply to an online bingo game, with the only difference that the computer software picks the balls. While you are playing the game, every number will be called only once.

Once a number is called, find it on the card and use a dabber to mark it. In an online version of the game, you’ll probably have the opportunity to auto-dab digits, or you can do the same thing manually. Some users prefer dabbing their tickets while playing online as it delivers an interactive feeling. However, the method of marking the cards is completely up to you.

When playing in a live hall, you will see an electronic board that shows the numbers which have already been called. It will support you in keeping track of the current balls in the bingo game.

You will also see multiple bingo sites having a special area on the screen that displays the last 4-6 called digits. 80-ball bingo also includes a call board with five rows of 16 numbers. They are shown by the four different colors having 20 number intervals.

Learn about Your Winning Chances

Learn about Your Winning Chances

When it comes to possible winnings with 80 ball bingo, you can take advantage of different winning patterns. However, everything depends on the bingo provider and the structure of the round. The most common ways to claim winnings are:

  • Horizontal, Diagonal, and Vertical Bingo: – You need to complete a single line independent of the row
  • Four Corners: It is required to complete 4 numbers that build four corners of the card
  • Full House: It is necessary to complete all the digits on the card
Consult the Payouts

Consult the Payouts

If you want to check the potential payouts, you need to know that the amount you can earn is usually determined by the price of the ticket and the total number of participants. As a rule, tickets with higher prices and more players included will also deliver better prizes.

Some halls and online bingo providers will provide winning guarantees for some of the games. In this case, players will make a specific amount of the total prize regardless of the number of participating players.

Check Tips and Useful Strategies

Check Tips and Useful Strategies

If you are looking to win with online bingo, you need to follow some strategies and tips. Some of them are available below:

  • Be familiar with the rules: The game operates identically to other variations of bingo. However, every provider of the game introduces specific rules which only apply to 80 ball bingo. It means that you will always be familiar with the playing rules without the possibility of making a mistake and losing the main award.
  • Check available promotions: Every bingo provider offers different promotions and bonuses for its players. If you participate in specific games and claim these promotions, you will get the most out of your invested money. Additionally, you will have a certain advantage which is not the case with the standard version of bingo. There are also places that offer a buy one/get one offer, where players receive an additional ticket for every purchased one. By knowing how to save your money on these games, you will stretch bingo money and have better winning chances.
  • Avoid Playing Bingo During Peak Periods: When playing the game, you should meet yourself with math odds. When more players are included in the game, it is more difficult to claim winnings. That’s why you need to adjust the schedule and play outside of peak hours. This strategy is possible both in online and land-based bingo versions. You only need to check what games are played at certain times and avoid them. By following this strategy, you will also increase the winning chances and get the most out of the gameplay.
  • Choose Inexpensive games: When you have a limited budget, you will always have an opportunity to find lower-value games. Stick to these from the beginning and increase the number of rounds you can take part in. It will also result in more winning chances.
  • Choose to Play with Multiple Cards: When playing a bingo game, you need to purchase multiple cards for every round, rather than utilizing a single card. Purchasing multiple cards can affect your budget, so you need to consider the same before making any relevant purchases. When it comes to the online bingo version, playing with multiple cards requires a lot of focus. That being said, you should accept the challenge only if you are able to manage it. When playing online, you need only to choose the option which will enable the computer to indicate all cards for you.
  • Combine several tips: To increase the winning chances, you could combine some of the abovementioned tips and get the most out of the gameplay. For example, you can find games with lower costs and engage in them in off-peak hours. Additionally, you can purchase multiple cards and enjoy an opportunity.

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