When you play bingo, you need to be able to apply different tips and strategies in order to increase winning chances. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate player, there are many new things you can learn when you start playing. To find more about specific tips and methods, you should check the following words as soon as possible.


Learn to Calculate Bingo Odds

If you want to calculate winning odds, you should divide the number of cards you’re using by the number of cards played in the game. For instance, if there are 100 cards in the game and you only have 10, your winning chances are 10% or 10 in 100.

Players can easily see the number of cards in the game by checking the section which displays the prizes. However, when you play bingo in the gambling hall, the process is a bit different as you need to complete a head count. In this case, just multiply the headcount by the number of cards you believe that every player has.

Players generally bring a set of six cards in a bingo hall. It means that when you have 6 cards and 100 other people have six, your winning chances are 6 in 100.


Check the Odds for Winning Progressive Jackpots

When it comes to progressive jackpot and its winning probability, it is not possible to calculate winning odds. Jackpot games work differently from standard games as there is no guaranteed winner in every game.

The winning odds in progressive games are based on the difficulty of creating a winning pattern. They also depend on whether a player has a defined number of calls. It means that odds for winning the progressive jackpot are very steep so there could be weeks or months before someone claims the main award.



Find Out Which Numbers Appear the Most

Once you start a bingo game, you may want to know which numbers appear most often. There is no exact way of predicting which number will appear in a game. To find out about upcoming numbers, you need to have inside information.

Everything depends on chance in bingo. Even if you see certain numbers coming up more often, it is a coincidence. There is no guarantee that the selected number will appear in the next round.



Avoid Playing During Busy Hours

If you don’t want to waste your time by calculating winning odds, you need to stay away from playing during peak hours. If you enjoy the game with fewer attendants, you will have better winning chances. The winning odds are based on the number of cards being played in a certain game. When you attend the game during off-peak hours, your competition for the jackpot would be lower.

At the same time, a bingo hall will have to distribute the main prize regardless of the number of players. It is not important whether you play in a bingo hall or online – you should enjoy the game with fewer attendants. 

If you play bingo in a gambling hall, you will have an opportunity to observe the atmosphere and reveal the quiet periods. During bad weather, most players would rather stay at home than visiting casinos. That’s your chance to visit the hall and start placing bets.

Another possibility is attending games where the jackpot amount is low. This will also increase the winning chances and bring more luck.


Obtain Multiple Cards

When playing bingo, you need to purchase as many cards as possible. When having more cards in the game, you will also have better winning chances. For example, if 100 players take part in the game and each of them has six cards, it totals 600 cards within the game.

If you decide to buy additional 20 cards, you will increase winning chances as there would be 620 cards in play. Your chances, in this case, are 20 out of 620 while other players have only 6 out of 620.

Math calculations could help, but there is no guarantee that you will win the game. Purchasing additional cards enhances winning chances, but you can also lose money.


Pick Cards that Don’t Duplicate Numbers

Every bingo card has identical winning odds, so neither of them can include a number more than once. It means that every bingo card has identical winning odds.

However, you can increase the winning chances by selecting cards that don’t duplicate digits that come up on other cards. With this tactic, you will have an additional opportunity to claim at least a single card that will include the called number.


Keep Cards from the Previous Session

When playing in a bingo hall, you can retain the cards from the previous session if the provider allows such an opportunity. When doing that, you will be able to locate numbers quicker when the caller announces them. 


Choose the Best Room for Yourself

If you have a limited budget but want to choose the best room for yourself, you should apply the following tips:

  • Start playing a few games and enter the game with fewer participants 
  • Choose lower-value games and claim lower prizes. This will allow you to purchase more cards during the jackpot game 
  • Purchase cards carefully and choose the right time for playing 



Play Only at Reputable Sites

Whether you play in a bingo hall or online, you need to choose a credible bingo provider. It is typically the one that has positive comments from previous players together with a smooth interface.

Check the license of the online provider as well as its security features before commencing the game. On the other hand, check the reputation of the bingo hall by reading relevant comments on the internet or search impressions in your environment. 



Start with Free Bingo

Before investing real money in the bingo game, make sure to play a free version of the game. There are multiple online providers which feature a free version of bingo. By spending your time at such sites, you will familiarize yourself with the game, numbers, and accompanied features.

Once you acquire enough information, it would be easier to switch to a real money version and invest money. Players who use multiple cards in the game should pay for each of them. When purchasing multiple cards, players reduce the value of received prizes. With the free bingo version, you won’t have to worry about these problems.



Use Granville’s Bingo Strategy

When using the Granville strategy, you need to analyze the pulled numbers. Granville is a famous market analyst and he thinks that players can predict the pulling process.

When selecting cards with an identical number of high and low digits and an identical number of odd/even numbers, you will increase winning chances. Additionally, if you hold numbers that cease in a variety of numbers from 1 – 9, you will also have better chances.

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