All casino games have a modicum of luck. No matter how brilliant you are, you are at the mercy of what cards are drawn. Having said that, not all games are equally impacted by luck. Some, like blackjack, are able to escape the worst trappings of misfortune with good strategy!

This makes it perfect for players who are serious about winning against the casino! Mind you, none of these tips can guarantee you will always win. However, they can keep you in a good position to take advantage of the inevitable lucky streak!

Look for Optimal Table Rules

Look for Optimal Table Rules

It is easy to dismiss all blackjack tables as the same, especially in online casinos. Sometimes, you can just see row after row of blackjack games, which makes you think they are all identical.

This is not the case, and there are some elements which heavily favor players! As a result, we always look for blackjack tables where blackjack pays 3:2 instead of 6:5. Dealers standing on a soft 17 also benefits players! Other rules you want to keep an eye out for are:

  • Doubling after splitting a pair is allowed
  • Players can double down on any two cards
  • Less blackjack decks, the better ( single deck is better than six deck blackjack )

A great table rule is the Surrender option, but it is very rare to find when playing online.

Apply Basic Blackjack Strategy

Apply Basic Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack has been around for ages. While it has seem some changes and additions over the years, the core gameplay remains the same. The promise of a house edge below 1% is only possible if properly applying this strategy!

It is well worth taking the time and effort to master the details. The best possible way to learn is to open a basic blackjack strategy guide and play along while following its rules. In doing so, you will passively accumulate the knowledge you need, while hopefully earning some cash playing!

No Insurance Bets

No Insurance Bets

Insurance bets are something you never want to play, no matter how tempting it is. After all, if the dealer possibly has blackjack, you might as well make some money back. This would be a good idea if the odds were in your favor.

Winning an Insurance bet pays 2:1, which sounds good on paper. However, the chance of you winning the insurance bet are far worse than the payout you receive for it! It is better to lose to a dealer blackjack sometimes than to always play a suboptimal wager.

Stack of Chips

Do not Use Progressive Betting Systems

Progressive betting systems, like Insurance bets, sound great as an idea. If you lose a round, you increase your bet, eventually making the loss back. The problem with this system arises when you encounter long losing streaks. This can destroy your budget very quickly!

Even if you have money to burn, you will hit the table’s limit eventually. Other, less risky systems exist, but none of them really work. Just stick to the basic blackjack strategy, adjust your wager to your total budget, and hope you get lucky!

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