Blackjack players are in constant pursuit for the can’t-fail strategy that will make them winners at every blackjack game. Strategies are risky, but make the game more fun at the same time.

One of the most popular strategies for blackjack is the Martingale. The Martingale is also known as the “double your bet” strategy and it is one of the simplest ones to execute. It can be used on roulette, as well, but here we look at how to use it on blackjack.

Learn what Martingale is and How it Works

Learn what Martingale is and How it Works

The word “martingale” comes from a group of betting strategies that were popular in France in the 18th century. Originally, these strategies applied to coin flip games and in time they found their spot among games like roulette and blackjack since these also have 50/50 payouts.

In modern gambling, the Martingale is known as the “double your bet” strategy or the “negative progression” strategy. In its core, the Martingale requires the player to double the stake for each losing bet. As simple as that.

For example, assuming that your initial bet at the blackjack table was £5, you will have to double it for the following round should the round result in a loss. You continue doubling the stake until you win. That way you should cover the previous losses by eventually winning big.

The size of your starting stake is defined as one unit. You are expected to have one unit as profit once you show a winning hand after a losing streak. The idea of Martingale is to slowly make positive gains.

It is not a strategy that pays off immediately and it does require a substantial bankroll to begin with.

Practice the Strategy on Demo Blackjack Games Online

Practice the Strategy on Demo Blackjack Games Online

Before you start loading real money blackjack games, try out your Martingale line of play on some demo versions of your favourite blackjack titles. This way, you will eliminate any risks and see if the potential of the Martingale strategy suits your betting habits.

By observing the progression, you’ll be able to see Martingale in practice and determine how far you are willing to go when the time comes to risk real cash.

Load Your Favourite Real Money Blackjack Game and Play

Load Your Favourite Real Money Blackjack Game and Play

Once you feel confident enough to join a real money blackjack table, whether it is a virtual or a live dealer one, feel free to do so. It is advisable to start at a table that has the lowest minimum table limits.

By playing low-stakes blackjack, you can be comfortable with upping the wagers while investing as little as possible in the long run. Your strategy is successful if you win back the money you’ve lost and have something to spare (one unit ahead). Walk away after a winning hand and you should be good.

Pay attention to the maximum table betting limits – some blackjack games have these limitations to prevent players from using Martingale.

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