Anyone who has ever explored the potential of blackjack strategies knows that there can be two types of betting systems – positive progressions and negative progressions. Oscar’s betting system combines the best features of both these concepts, allowing the player to shorten the path to recovering losses in a game of blackjack.

It was invented by a craps player named Oscar (some believe Oscar stands for a group of players who perfected the system sometime before the mid-1950s), but many players use it not only for craps, but also for blackjack as it is easily applicable.

Here’s how to use the Oscar’s System, or Oscar’s Grind, to improve your chances of winning at blackjack.

Learn What the Oscar’s System is Based On

Learn What the Oscar’s System is Based On

Before you jump into some games, you should inform yourself about this betting system and its particularities. It is common for blackjack betting systems to start by betting one unit.

This part is similar to Martingale. The idea is to keep raising the stakes by one unit until you achieve a one unit worth of profit.

You will be aiming to win only one unit per betting cycle, and start from the beginning each time you achieve this.

With Oscar’s Grind, you will continue increasing the stakes while winning, and maintain the size of the bet while losing, until the next winning hand.

The stakes, while on a winning streak, should always be kept at two units (doubled bet). The value of one unit is equivalent to your initial stake.

Understanding the Aim of the System

Understanding the Aim of the System

Oscar’s Grind is not designed to deliver massive winnings in a single round. Instead, it is supposed to make the player feel comfortable while betting in series and obtaining smaller profits that would eventually add up to a decent prize.

In gambling lingo, “grinding” means accumulating numerous small wins, rather than aiming a massive jackpot or two.

Should you apply the Oscar’s System, you will be able to withstand longer sequences of losses without spending your entire bankroll. You will also avoid hitting table limits, which might happen with Martingale.

On the other hand, the system requires patience and time to deliver beneficial results. If you are playing for consistency, then this is something you ought to try out.

Practice Playing Free Blackjack Online

Practice Playing Free Blackjack Online

Do you think you now know how Oscar’s System works? Take it for a test ride! Select a blackjack game available in demo mode at your prefered online casinos and play some rounds to see how everything works and if it suits you.

Using Oscar’s Grind in Real Money Blackjack: Working out the Betting Range

Using Oscar’s Grind in Real Money Blackjack: Working out the Betting Range

Once you’ve got the hang of the system, you can now start playing for real money. Before you load the game, just make sure you have set aside a budget.

Since the system indicates that you must double your bet when you have won, then the most reasonable thing to do is to start with minimum bets at low-stakes tables. That way doubling your wager shouldn’t be unmanageable once you enter a winning streak.

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