The casino is a magical place. It’s the place where fortunes can change on the roll of a dice or the deal of a card. The sound of slot machines paying out, chips rifling, and dealers announcing no more bets, can be deafening.

A mysterious vibe surrounds the gambling den, a world secluded from the rest. Concepts like day and night become murky as there’s hardly a window or clock to be found.

Casino Etiquette

People are either dressed in black tie or walking around in their beach wear. There are whole cities built around gaming houses. James Bond is a frequent visitor, Frank Sinatra sung songs about it, and Paul Cézanne painted his favorite card playing gamblers five times. The casino is a place like no other!

There are so many different games, all with their own set of rules. Things can be deterrent if it’s your first time visiting a casino. Or really your second or third time even. Everyone seems to be an expert; everybody seems to know what they’re doing.


And when you log on to an online casino, even more options present themselves. But there’s no dealer you can ask to explain you the rules or help you out placing a bet.

Truth is, the world of casinos and gambling can be daunting. Its language is peppered with slang words, and it’s not always immediately clear how things work. HowtoCasino is here to, well, explain how to casino – how the games work and what everything means. We’ll have answers to all of your questions concerning casinos and casino games.

General information

In this section, we’ll provide answers to generic questions about casinos. We’ll discuss general casino strategy, explain how the lobby of an online casino works, and tell you the truth on how to make money. But we’ll also point out the pitfalls of gambling and what to do if you feel like you’re no longer in control. Have a question we haven’t answered yet? Contact us and we’ll dive right into it!


What are the most popular games in the casino?

There are many different types of games, card games, games of chance, table games, electronic games, jackpot games, etc. However, the most popular and best-known games are Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, Craps, and Slots.

Are there different types of casinos?

Yes, there are. The most familiar casino type is a land-based, also known as brick and mortar casino. When you think of this type of casino, the first thing that usually comes to mind is Las Vegas! However, with the rise of technology and the Internet, we have online and mobile casinos too.

Are casino games all about luck?

No, they are not. Although luck is hugely important in many casino games, such as Craps, some games require lots of mathematics and strategic thinking. One of them is Blackjack.