Dice games have always played a secondary role in casinos. That said, they often have a sizeable and loyal following that makes them almost mandatory! Craps definitely falls in that category. It is a great game to enjoy, once you get the hang of it.

This article will help you understand the various available bets in Craps and how they work. After this article, you will be ready to tackle any Craps table!

Pass/Don’t Pass Bet

Pass/Don’t Pass Bet

Placing money on the Pass Line is the starter bet in Craps. When the dice are rolled, one of three things can happen.

  • You win even money if a seven or eleven are rolled immediately
  • You lose the round if a two, three or twelve are drawn
  • Any other number is drawn, and becomes a point

Once a point is established, the shooter will keep rolling the dice. If you bet on the Pass line, you win if the point number is rolled again. If the shooter rolls a seven before the point number comes up again, you lose.

An extension of this wager is Don’t Pass. To win a Don’t Pass line bet, you flip things around. Drawing a seven or eleven immediately is a loss, while a two or three is a win. In the same way, if a seven is drawn before the point number, Don’t Pass wagers win.

Come/Don’t Come Bets

Come/Don’t Come Bets

Come and Don’t Come wagers work almost identically to Pass and Don’t Pass bets. Come bets win if a seven or eleven are rolled, or if a point number is drawn before a seven. They also lose if two, three or twelve is drawn.

Don’t Come pays for things that make the Come bet lose, and loses on things that make the Come wager win. The only difference is that Come/Don’t Come stakes are placed after the point has been established.


Odds Bets

With the previous two bets set, another option that opens to you are Odds bets. It grants a reward if the point is rolled before the seven. You have access to four different types of Odds bets:

  • Pass Line
  • Don’t Pass
  • Come
  • Don’t Come

You should always play the one that compliments your previous wager or wagers. Odds bets do not have a house edge, and are usually limited on how many you can play. How much you win changes depending on what the point number is.

Field Bets

Field Bets

Place your chips on the Field area, before the subsequent roll is played. A field bet pays if numbers two, three, four, nine, ten, eleven or twelve are rolled. If any other number comes up, you lose.

Place Bets

Place Bets

As their name implies, you place this wager on a specific number. By doing so, you effectively established your own point, independent from anyone else.

If your chosen number appears before seven, you win the round. You can also play a Place Lose bet, which pays if a seven is drawn before the chosen number.

Buy and Lay Bets

Buy and Lay Bets

Buy and Lay bets work very similarly to Place Bets. The difference is that the payout for winning your chosen number are higher! The downside is that both bets have a 5% commission, which evens out the more impressive rewards.

Big 6 and Big 8

Big 6 and Big 8

These two bets are super straightforward. Big 6 pays if you roll a six before the seven ends the round. Big 8 functions the same way, except it tasks you to roll an eight instead of a six.

Hardways Bets

Hardways Bets

Hardways bets are occasionally referred to as doubles. That is because you need the dice to show two same numbers to win a Hardway bet! For example, you need two fours to win a Hardway 8!

Preposition Bets

Preposition Bets

Preposition bets are the high-risk, high-reward option of each Craps table. All proposition bets must be won on the upcoming roll after being placed.

  • Any 7 – pays if seven is the next rolled number
  • Any 11 – pays if eleven is rolled next
  • Any Craps – grants a prize if the next numbers are two, three or twelve
  • Any Deuce – pays If the number three is rolled next
  • Aces – wins if the next rolled number is two
  • Boxcar – pays if the number twelve is rolled next

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