Playing Craps in a casino is some of the best fun you could possibly have! Players huddle up with a single table, hoping a seven does not sink them. Thanks to its variety of bets, each round is kept very interesting.

Craps is unique because players are the ones in control of the action, not the dealer. The person throwing the dice is called the shooter. This guide will teach you all about becoming the shooter as well as how to throw the dice.

Determining the Shooter

Determining the Shooter

Everyone participating in a round of Craps are eligible to become the shooter. To qualify, you need to place a Pass or Don’t Pass bet.

Depending on the casino, you may need to roll for who gets to become the shooter or the dice are passed in a clockwise direction. In both cases, you will know your turn is up when the dealer pushes the dice towards you.

This is done with a stick; meaning there is no direct contact between dealer and player.

Rolling the Dice

Rolling the Dice

With the initial bets ready and the shooter determined, it is time to throw! Your goal is to roll the dice to they hit the table felt and then bounce against the back wall.

The wall is usually covered in rubber pointy spikes to guarantee dice throws are random. The results of your roll then determine what happens next.

A seven or eleven will be a win for most of the table, while two, three or twelve will result in a loss. If any other number is rolled, it becomes a point and the round continues.

Keep Rolling

Keep Rolling

Once a point is established, the goal changes. The shooter is still throwing the dice, and they will continue to do so until the point or seven are rolled.

There is a brief pause when the dealer drags the dice back. Players can use it to place extra bets on the table. Once the shooter rolls a point or a seven, they become a regular player and the responsibility passes on to someone else.

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