AstroPay is one of the popular alternatives for internet casino players in the category of prepaid cards. Its attractiveness is reflected in the possibility to make online casino payments anonymously, not having to own a bank account or a card and simply being in control of your gambling budget.

Sounds good? Well, if that is the case, it is time for you to learn how to deposit at an online casino using AstroPay.

Create an Astropay Account and Purchase your Card

Create an AstroPay Account and Purchase your Card

Even though AstroPay requires a quick registration, no account verification is needed. The setup is super-fast, as you don’t need to get verified. Go to the website of AstroPay and fill in the registration form. After that, you will be able to purchase a card of a certain value that you choose.

You can purchase multiple cards if you want to. Add them to the card and continue. Depending on your country, you ought to have several methods at your disposal to conclude the purchase of the voucher(s).

Decide on the Casino you Wish to Deposit to

Decide on the Casino you Wish to Deposit To

Once you have your voucher ready (it will be delivered by email), you can spare some time for choosing an online casino where you will be using your AstroPay card.

This can only be a casino which supports AstroPay as a deposit option. Make your choice and create an account with this casino.

Go to the Deposit Page and Pick Astropay

Go to the Deposit Page and Pick AstroPay

Once logged in, go to the banking section of your casino. You will be given a list of available options to choose from. At this point, you will select Astropay as your preferred method of making deposits.

Provide the Necessary Information

Provide the Necessary Information

A window will open asking you to provide certain details so as to carry out the payment correctly and successfully. Enter the deposit amount, and then proceed to fill in the card information – the 16-digit code which you have received in your email with the voucher, as well as the expiration date and the CVV code.

You are not obligated to clear all the funds from your voucher at once. You can make multiple deposits from one card, depending on its value.

Confirm the Payment

Confirm the Payment

After typing all the necessary details, confirm the transaction. This will complete your deposit, as the specified funds will be deducted from the voucher’s balance and credited to your online casino account.

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