We can all agree that there are many options gamblers can use to deposit money into their online casino accounts. The Western Union cash transfer method is a well-known option that has been around for decades, long before e-wallets, but it is true that only selected casinos approve WU wire transfers.

Depositing with this banking method is simple. Follow these steps and you will be able to do it in a flash.


Choose an Online Casino that Supports WU

The first step in the process of depositing through Western Union is finding a respectable online casino that supports this type of money transfer. After you have selected a casino website that supports Western Union, make sure to complete the registration process.

Now that you have an active online casino account with the casino, you can make deposits using WU.


Go to the Deposit Page of your Chosen Casino

You need to be logged in to your online casino profile, then navigate to the cashier page where you will be presented with the list of available payment methods. Look for the recognizable black-yellow Western Union logo and click on it.


Enter your Deposit Amount

Enter the amount you wish to deposit and confirm the deposit submission. For the transaction to be processed, you have to obtain relevant information about the casino.


Communicate with the Customer Service

At this juncture, the process generally requires you to talk to the customer service personnel, as you’ll need to get information from the operator. Without the casino’s information, you will not be able to proceed with the payment.

Fortunately, customer care staff working at casinos that accept WU are familiar with the instructions they need to provide and will gladly do so.


Using a Western Union Terminal

Once you’ve obtained the relevant information, you can finally complete your payment. You can send the money you intend to store on your online gambling account in person, by visiting an agent location in your area. They are very easy to spot, as there are countless WU points of service worldwide.

At such locations, you can pay the deposit amount personally using cash or credit cards, sometimes even personal checks, sending the money to the casino’s account.

The agent will give you a unique MTCN – Money Transfer Control Number. You will likely need to provide it to the casino so they know how to identify your transfer. The tracking number usually contains 10 digits.


Sending Money with Western Union Online

Alternately, you may complete your deposit at WesternUnion.com, where online money transfers are possible through the use of a credit card. Register at the website to create a profile from which you will manage and keep track of any future transactions.

If you opt for the online version of the service, you will also receive the MTCN to pass on and prepare the operator for the arrival of your deposit.


Check Back at the Casino in a Few Days to See the Money Credited

Western Union is not the quickest of banking methods, but it is considered very safe. It will likely take somewhere between 1 and 3 business days after initiating the transaction and sharing the MTCN number with the casino representatives for your deposit to reach the casino, at which time the money will appear in your account balance.

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