Many games adapted into online casino titles originated from old favorites played by family and friends. Andar Bahar is a classic example. This card game originated in Asia and was enjoyed at many social gatherings. It is easy to understand and offers players a stress-free route into casino gaming.

Andar Bahar has a devoted faithful. It is popular with players because it is easy to grasp. This game also offers fair odds. You also have a few side bets you can take to increase your earnings.

Starting in Andar Bahar may seem daunting because it is such an unfamiliar game. But once you get the hang of it, there is nothing to it. Just read through this guide and you will see what we are talking about.

Place Your Bets

Place Your Bets

Like any other casino game, the first thing you need to do is to place a bet. You not only need to decide how much you are betting, but also the direction.

There are only two bets to be made here, that is, either Andar or Bahar. While you are figuring this out, the dealer will use the time to shuffle the deck, as this is a one-deck game.

The Gameplay

The Gameplay

The dealer first deals one card after cutting the deck. This card is usually referred to as the joker or game card.

Your goal in this game is to predict where a card of the same rank will be dealt. Success in this task will earn you 1.9x your stake. The dealer then deals the cards until a similar valued card comes up.

Side Bets in Andar Bahar

Side Bets in Andar Bahar

Side bets are an integral part of any live casino game. So it does not surprise us at all that there are some you can make in Andar Bahar. We have listed your options below:

How many cards to be dealt – you can bet on the number of cards that will be dealt before the joker card pops up. Don’t worry, you need not be specific. You can make this bet in 5-card blocks, that is, 1-5 or 6-10, and so on. The most generous is the 41+ side bet. It pays up to 120x your wager. 

The value of the joker – you can also make a side bet on the value of the joker. Naturally, you do this before they deal the joker. Three options are available. Betting on 2-7 successfully will earn you 2x your stake. This is also the same if you bet on 9-Ace. The most lucrative side bet in this category pays 8x your wager. That is for 8.

The colour or suit of the joker – the joker can only show up in two colours, either red or black. Correctly guessing which is correct will earn you 1.9x your wager. There are side bets for the joker suit as well. There are four possibilities, diamond, hearts, clubs, or spades. This side bet pays 3.8x your stake.

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