Authentic Roulette Double Wheel is a thrilling game supplied by Authentic Gaming. With a name like this, it’s easy to see why this game has garnered much favor from many players.

Authentic Roulette Double Wheel plays according to American roulette rules. This means that on the roulette wheel, you see the famous double zero. It also features a payout of 36:1 on the straight-up bet, and a return to player percentage of 97.37%.

There are many exciting features in this game. But the one that will capture the imagination of many players is the double wheel configuration.

Without wasting anymore time, let us look at how you play Authentic Roulette Double Wheel.

Authentic Roulette Double Wheel Gameplay

Authentic Roulette Double Wheel Gameplay

Getting down to the actual gameplay in Authentic Roulette Double Wheel is straightforward, even with the two-wheel configuration.

Placing Your Bets 

Playing casino games online requires that you make an initial investment. In Authentic Roulette Double Wheel, it’s no different. You will need to make a bet using the electronic chips displayed on the screen. Because this game plays on two wheels, you have two chances to make a bet in this game. These bets need to be within the stipulated limits.

Playing on Two Wheels 

The gameplay is fast and exciting in Authentic Roulette Double Wheel. This is largely thanks to the two-wheel configuration. You are not playing on these wheels at the same time. The left wheel is set to spin slower than the one on the right-hand side.

The betting times are also different; when placing a bet on the right wheel you have less time. This effectively removes any time between the rounds.

You are not required to play on both wheels. But then ask yourself, why are you here in the first place?

Game Features

Game Features

It is easy to find features to admire in a game like this one. We have listed some favorites below.

The Double Wheel Setup

The most recognizable feature in Authentic Roulette Double Wheel is the two-wheel configuration. This setup makes the game more exciting as they are no delays between rounds.

Game Optimizations

Authentic Roulette Double Wheel also has advanced game optimizations. You can tailor-make the gaming experience to suit your preferences. One way you can do this is by saving your preferred betting configuration.

Low Limits 

The minimum investment required in this game is as inclusive as it gets. For a straight-up bet, you can stake your claim from as little as 20 cents. Authentic Roulette Double Wheel plays according to American roulette rules. This game has a double zero, which means you can expect a higher House age and lower RTP values.

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