Authentic Roulette Original is a top-tier game by Authentic Games. What makes it stand out is the fact that it is streamed straight from the live casino floor. In true Authentic Games fashion, this version of roulette is not broadcast out of a gaming studio. But they bring it to you straight from the live table where other real players are also playing.

Authentic Roulette Original is played using standard European rules. This means that the game display and overall gameplay will be quite familiar to players who have come across online roulette previously. This game also features standard betting options, which you can readily get in any common roulette variant.

In this guide, we discuss how to play Authentic Roulette Original.

Playing Authentic Roulette Original

Playing Authentic Roulette Original

This game is streamed to you straight from the live casino floor. It gives you the most genuine, land-based casino experience you can ever have online. Authentic Roulette Original is far superior to what you would encounter when playing games from live casino studios.

You can play Authentic Roulette Original from your PC or smart device. This game is compatible with the latest iOS and Android software. The beauty of playing online live casino games is that they are available 24/7.

But this is not the case in Authentic Roulette Original. St Vincent resort has opening and closing hours. You need to work around them if you are to play this game.



Follow these simple steps to play Authentic Roulette Original online.

Place Your Bet

The first thing you need to do when playing online is to place a wager. Online casino games have different minimum requirements of which you need to be aware. Authentic Roulette Original allows players to wager from as little as $0.50.

Choose the Type of Bet 

Authentic Roulette Original is different from other casino games, which only require you to select your wager and press spin. Here, you will need to select the type of bet you want to take. They are a range of betting options in Authentic Roulette Original. These include straight up, along with an array of inside and outside bets.

After you have selected your wager and the bet type you wish to take, the game falls into the hands of the croupier. At this point, all bets are closed, and the ball is spun on the roulette wheel. When it comes to rest, winners are determined and payouts disbursed accordingly.

Game Features

Game Features

The most striking feature in Authentic Roulette Original is that the game is streamed from the land-based live casino floor.

Apart from that, everything else is pretty standard. Authentic Roulette Original is played according to European rules. Players are free to pick a bet from a selection of 36 numbers. Other betting types available in this game include the familiar outside and inside bets.

For players who are starting, we advise that you stick to outside bets when playing Authentic Roulette Original. Though the pay out in outside bets is relatively lower, this is where you get the highest odds of winning.

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