Authentic Roulette Superior is streamed live from St Vincent Resort in Italy. This game provides players with a truly authentic experience as you be playing side by side with real players on the land-based casino floor.

Authentic Gaming supplies Authentic Roulette Superior to its partners across the globe. This game plays much like you would see in French roulette. So, for players who are familiar with French roulette rules, it will be an advantage. If you are not, you need not fret. You can easily pick up these rules as you go.

Where to Play Authentic Roulette Superior?

Where to Play Authentic Roulette Superior?

Authentic Roulette Superior is streamed in high-definition video from Italy. You need not fly thousands of miles to enjoy the scenery in St Vincent’s resort. Authentic Gaming beams it straight into your living room.

You can play Authentic Roulette Superior from your desktop. While this is a great option, most players choose to enjoy it on their mobile phone or tablet.

This game is fully compatible with most devices, whether they are powered by Android or iOS.

Game Features

Game Features

Players who like French roulette will enjoy Authentic Roulette Superior. It is presented with standard European rules and even features French signage. There are other extra features you can look forward to.

Auto bet and Double Bet

The best creature comforts have also been included in Authentic Roulette Superior. Here, you can use the auto bet and double bet features. Though these may not improve your odds of winning, they make the entire gaming experience hassle-free.

In auto bet, you can select the number of automatic spins you want to take. This feature allows you to enjoy Authentic Roulette Superior while doing other things. You need not be stuck at your screen for hours on end.

The double bet feature does exactly what the name implies. When activated, it will double your bets on all selections.

The Gameplay

The Gameplay

Authentic Roulette Superior is not your average game. Yes, it is played online, but it is streamed straight from the live land-based casino floor. We have already seen how it differs from standard online games in that it is only available when the casino is open.

Though this game has some nitty-gritty you need to consider, the playing experience is exactly the same as other online versions of roulette. To get started, you need to select the amount you want to put on the line.

A system of electronic chips is used, which you can drag and drop on the appropriate bet type. Like all other online live casino games, you will have a designated period within which you need to place your bets.

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