Blaze Roulette is produced by Authentic Gaming. If you are familiar with games from this supplier, you are probably thinking about the live land-based casino floor. But Blaze Roulette is not streamed from live casinos. This game is produced in a live online games studio.

It is evident from the time you sit at the table that Blaze Roulette is all about the experience. No expense has been spared. It features catchy soundtracks, an electronic betting table, and professional live dealers.

In this guide, we look at how to play Blaze Roulette.

Blaze Roulette Game Features

Blaze Roulette Game Features

Blaze Roulette is played using the rules of standard European Roulette, and that’s where convention ends. There is so much going on in this game.

Live Dealers and Automatic Wheels

Blaze Roulette features a live dealer, whose role is to simply move the game along. The dealers in this game never touch the wheel. They have two key roles, to press the button which starts the next spin, and to indicate the winning bets. The wheel runs automatically through a system of compressed air chutes which launch the ball.

The LED Screen

In Blaze Roulette, players also enjoy a large screen placed behind the dealer. The purpose of this screen is to display the footage from the roulette wheel. You can also view clips of the betting table when bets are being made.

The Electronic Betting Table 

One of the best features of this game is the electronic betting table. It’s amazing how winning numbers light up after each round. This is just the start of it. Various animations pop up during the game, which adds another level of excitement to Blaze Roulette.

Playing Blaze Roulette

Playing Blaze Roulette

Sure, a lot is going on in Blaze Roulette. But you will find that the gameplay is straightforward, much like what you see in any online roulette variant.

As such, the first thing you need to do in this game is to place your bet. In Blaze Roulette, you will do so on a digital betting board on the display. You have a range of options. But if you are familiar with any version of online roulette, you will quickly pick this up. Common betting choices you can make in Blaze Roulette are the straight-up bet, inside and outside bets, and more.

You cannot bet any time you feel like it in this game. There is a set period during which you can place your wager. You need to abide by these rules if your bets are to be counted. When the betting period is about to expire, the dealer will alert you to that effect.

After the time allocated for betting has expired, the dealer will press a button to start the game. Blaze Roulette features an automatic wheel. This means the ball is launched, not by the dealer, but by a system of compressed air.

The game progresses until the white ball comes to a rest. Winning bets are determined and payouts are disbursed immediately.

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