Las Vegas offers an abundance of choices. Also known as Sin City, Vegas is known primarily for gambling, entertainment, and nightlife. The magic of Vegas comes from luxurious and huge casino hotels, which further expand the city’s life with associated activities such as fine dining, concerts, events, etc.

We are offering a compilation of Las Vegas how-tos because Vegas can easily overwhelm a first-time visitor. There is so much to see and do, but with our short, to-the-point guides, you’ll be able to attend the best shows and take advantage of loyalty cards at Vegas venues.

Any Vegas trip can be better with spontaneity, but it is also good to come prepared. Everything is vital to secure a good time in Sin City, from where you are staying to where you are gambling – even on which day of the week. There are some times of the year when Vegas gets uncomfortably crowded, so those periods are best avoided.

Our guides talk about scooping deals on accommodation, popular casino games in Vegas to play, how to see the best attractions, and so much more. In addition, we can teach you how to tip the dealer and how to get access to high-end properties as a budget traveler and casino enthusiast. Finally, let’s not forget players club cards that can earn you discounts, vouchers and hotel perks; many believe spending time in Vegas without them is inconceivable. offers everything for a proper Las Vegas adventure of a lifetime. So, enjoy your stay in Sin City and feel free to take us with you.