There are a lot of different casino games out there except slot machines. Some examples of this are Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Texas Hold´em, etc. We at think it’s important that casino players are familiar with the rules of each game before they start playing. That decreases the risk of misunderstandings while playing. We had an interview with that has some excellent guides for beginners for different casino games, lets hear what they can tell us about this.

What games can beginners learn at

We asked about what guides they have available on their website for beginners to learn. On our website, you, first of all, find a  meticulous guide on how to play blackjack and the rules for Blackjack, or 21 as it also is called says Our guide for Blackjack contains everything a new player needs to know about the game and the rules, it’s written by people that are well familiar with the game and have a lot of experience in casino games says.

The other guide we have is a guide for online slots. That guide tells the players a bit about the origin of slot machines, basic terms of play, and how slot machines pay out. Even if most slots work in the same way but with a different approach, we think that a beginner’s guide is always good to have said They also said that since online slots are by far the most popular casino game they also included a bit about the mechanical terms for the slots.

Why did you choose to have beginner guides on your website?

We also wanted to know what made decide that they were going to offer beginner guides on their website in the first place. tells us that they knew that it is a lot of people looking for beginner guides for various casino games all the time. The most common guide is a guide for Blackajck, the rules, and how to play the game so we decided it would fit in well on our website.

Even if Blackjack is a really old game, everyone doesn’t know how to play it or what the rules are. It might be someone that never showed interest in online casinos and gambling before but want to try it out and then a guide for the game and the rules is a good place to start says The guide we have for online slots might not be as popular or have the same demand as the guide for Blackjack, but we still think it’s good for new casino players that want to know more about it before they start playing tell us.

Since we at also like guides we couldn’t agree more with what says. We ended this interview with a big thanks for their time and their answers to our questions.