This game is an interactive game show from Playtech. It features an Alice in Wonderland theme, which you may have already gathered from the name. In Adventures Beyond Wonderland, you are placing bets on a big wheel. Your goal is to either land on your chosen number or in any of the bonus rounds.

In this guide, we aim to give you the ins and outs of Adventures Beyond Wonderland so you can play this game with confidence. To start, let’s look at how the game is set up.

The Adventures Beyond Wonderland Game Setup

The Adventures Beyond Wonderland Game Setup

You play this game on a modified spinning wheel. It features 54 segments with different numbers in each.

The number 1 occupies 22 of these segments, and the number 2, 15. It’s easy to see why these two outcomes are the most common result in Adventures Beyond Wonderland.

The numbered segments of the wheel pay their values. This means if you successfully land on 10, your payout is 10 to 1. If you successfully guess 2, your payout is doubled, and so on.

In Adventures Beyond Wonderland, you will also see segments that contain bonus rounds. When you land on these, you will be transferred to the back of the main wheel where you can play for multipliers.

Playing Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Playing Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Adventures Beyond Wonderland is ideal for many players. Whether you are playing high or low stakes, you will find a betting option that suits you.

You can easily go for hours on end playing this game. So, the best way to get started is to use the auto spin feature. It allows you to pick the number of spins you want to play automatically.

Strategies When Playing Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Strategies When Playing Adventures Beyond Wonderland

There are no sure-fire strategies to guarantee winnings in games of chance. But you can play in a manner that will make the entire experience enjoyable, and also give you massive winnings if the opportunity comes.

One way you can play Adventures Beyond Wonderland is to just play the numbers as you would any other big wheel game. In this strategy, you win when you land your pick, and also when the mystery bonus segment comes up.

You can also play Adventures Beyond Wonderland by betting on 10, and the three available bonus rounds. This may sound counter-intuitive, considering that they are few segments with the number 10.

But it will surprise you to know that the number 10 has the best RTP on the entire board. It features a return to player percentage of 96.06%, compared to 95.1% for the number 1.

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