Baccarat Control Squeeze is a fast-paced card game. It is developed by Evolution and looks to heighten the overall playing experience in baccarat. You play this game using 8 card decks, and the goal is to guess who gets the better hand between the banker and the dealer.

In this guide, we look at how to play Baccarat Control Squeeze.

Betting in Baccarat Control Squeeze

Betting in Baccarat Control Squeeze

Yes, you can bet on either side in Baccarat Control Squeeze, or even on a tie if you wish.

However, you need to realize that the different bet types in this game also payout differently.

For example, while a winning ante, if the dealer doesn’t qualify, gets even money, a successful type bet prediction pays out 8 to 1.

How to Play Baccarat Control Squeeze?

How to Play Baccarat Control Squeeze?

Playing Baccarat Control Squeeze is just like enjoying any other online Baccarat variant. The differences you will see here do not affect the outcome of the game. Follow the steps outlined below to start playing Baccarat Control Squeeze.

  1. Select a comfortable wager and place your bets in the time frame provided.
  2. After the betting period closes, the dealer will place two cards on the player’s and banker’s sides.

The Baccarat Control Squeeze table is equipped with two cameras. The cards are dealt face down, directly above these cameras. An overlay is applied to the cards which you can pull down by tugging on your mouse gently to reveal what’s underneath.

  1. When all four cards have been revealed, the dealer may dealer a third card on each side. You can squeeze on these as well.
  2. The winner is determined, and winnings are paid out accordingly.
Why Players Like Baccarat Control Squeeze?

Why Players Like Baccarat Control Squeeze?

It might come as a surprise that this game is so popular amongst many players. Why wouldn’t it, when Baccarat Control Squeeze is played much like any other version of Baccarat.

But there are some aspects of this game that set it apart. It might not be the gameplay, that is similar to many other versions, but there are aspects of Baccarat Control Squeeze that players cannot get enough of.

The Fast Pace of The Game

For example, the quick-paced nature of the gameplay. When playing Baccarat Control Squeeze, it’s easy to go through dozens of rounds in a very short space of time.

Each round takes no more than a few seconds. But with games such as this one, you need to tread with caution. That fast-paced nature you enjoy so much can work against you and result in huge losses in just a short period.

Player Can Squeeze

Also popular with many players is the squeeze feature. We have seen this being employed in Baccarat Squeeze, where the dealer is doing all the squeezing.

But in Baccarat Control Squeeze, that role falls upon the player which means you are more involved. The game as a whole is more enjoyable.

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