Crazy Time is an Evolution game show title. In it, the host spins a large, 54-segment money wheel. Players place bets in hopes of correctly guessing the results of the wheel spin. You can win one of four numbers or one of four special features.

If the four bonuses were not enough, this game also offers an occasional multiplier boost. In this article, we will show you how to play this innovative release.

Set Your Wagers

Set Your Wagers

Before you can start playing, you need to set your wagers. To do this, you pick one of the available coins and place them on one of the eight available bets.

You can bet on just one or multiple options at the same time. Players who want a chance of getting all four special features need to bet on all four of them every round.

The available betting range for Crazy Time is between $0.10 and $1000. The exact table limit may be different with your online casino.



When betting time running out, the host will start spinning the wheel. While the wheel is spinning, there is a chance one of eight available bets is boosted by a multiplier.

Once the wheel stops spinning, one of the eight bets will win. To receive the payout or special feature, you need to have bet on that number or bonus.

Number bets are quite straightforward. Each number’s payout is the same as its face value. If you bet on a number and draw it, you can expect the following wins.

  • Number one pays 1:1
  • Number two pays 2:1
  • Number five pays 5:1
  • Number ten pays 10:1

All four bonus segments of the wheel can get a maximum prize of $500,000.

Cash Hunt

Cash Hunt

If the wheel draws one of four special features, the game moves to a separate screen. We will describe each bonus in a separate step, starting with Cash Hunt.

When Cash Hunt is drawn, the host moves to a wall of 108 random multipliers. You are given a brief preview before they are hidden and reshuffled. The player then aims somewhere on the screen, shooting a cannon at that spot.

Once the cannon fires, it reveals the multiplier hidden behind that spot. If the player does not make a decision, the game will choose a random position for them.



The host moves to a separate screen, which contains sixteen multipliers, and each one occupies a single zone. The game chooses a puck drop zone randomly from zones four to twelve. The host climbs the stairs and drops the puck, which drops through the pegs. If it lands on a multiplier, you win a cash prize.

Alternatively, the puck can also drop on a Double position. If that happens, all multipliers are doubled and the puck drop is repeated. It is possible to keep hitting Double repeatedly to keep growing your multipliers. Once it reaches a 10,000x multiplier, the Double is replaced by the 10,000x multiplier too.

If a puck lands on a 2x, 3x or 4x multiplier, a Rescue Drop can trigger. The drop zone is randomized and the puck drop is repeated. Any multipliers lower than the multiplier that activated the Rescue Drop are increased to the value of that previous multiplier.

Coin Flip

Coin Flip

A coin flip machine flips a two-sided coin. The coin is red on one side, and blue on another. Before the coin flip occurs, two multipliers will be assigned randomly. The machine then flips the coin.

The side the coin lands on is the prize you receive from this bonus. Similar to Pachinko, a Rescue Flip can occur if the assigned multipliers are low. The coin is flipped again.

Crazy Time

Crazy Time

The dealer walks through a secret door, leading to a massive 64-segment wheel with three flappers. This wheel only has multiplier values on it.

Players can pick one of the three flippers as the wheel is spinning. The flipper you choose will determine what multiplier you draw, and the corresponding prize you win.

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