Evolution’s Deal or No Deal Live is a game show title that challenges your abilities to assess risk. The objective of this game is to predict whether the amount of money in the briefcases are more valuable than the banker’s offer.

You will need to keep track of the value of each briefcase, and rely on your gut to decide when to accept. 

How to Qualify

How to Qualify?

At the start of each round, players have to go through the qualification round. You are placed in front of a three-ring wheel. Some parts of the wheel are coloured gold.

In order to qualify, you need to spin the wheel so all three rings in the upper part of the wheel are covered in gold. Each wheel spin costs the current spin bet amount. The middle of the wheel also tells you how much time you have to qualify for that round.

It is possible to increase your chances of qualifying by decreasing your difficulty. You can change from normal to easy or very easy. Easy guarantees one ring will be filled with gold, while very easy guarantees two gold-filled rings.

That said, each time you decrease the difficulty, you increase the cost of each spin. The betting range is between $0.10 and $900, though your limit may vary depending on your chosen online casino.

Top Up

Top Up

Upon qualification, you do not immediately start the Deal or No Deal Live round. Instead, you can spend the remaining time to Top Up. Each time you spin the wheel, it fills your chosen briefcase by a certain amount. Once the timer runs out, the game show starts.



The dealer will open the first three briefcases. Each briefcase shows a number, which lets us know the value of the combined briefcases.

The dealer will consider that and the remaining briefcases and then makes you an offer. You can choose to take the Deal and get a prize or pick No Deal to keep going.

This process repeats three more times. At the final offer, you will open the last briefcase and receive your final offer. You can choose to take the final case or swap your briefcase with the dealer’s briefcase.

Either way, you will receive a message telling you how much you won for that round. Once the final briefcase is open and prizes are awarded, the round starts again.

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