As you can probably assume, Dragon Tiger is a game with an undeniably Asian background.  In recent years, virtual versions of Dragon Tiger have brought the game closer to a worldwide audience.

Live Dragon Tiger was developed by Evolution that has a baccarat style and a very lavish studio. It is hosted by real dealers and involves little skill. The fact that the game is very simple attracts more and more players by the day. If you want to learn to play Live Dragon Tiger, keep reading our take on the game. 

Search for an Evolution Online Casino

Search for an Evolution Online Casino

Live Dragon Tiger is a game that belongs to the Evolution library. This means you can only play it at online casinos with software from Evolution.

Even if you find an online casino with Evolution games, make sure that Dragon Tiger is part of the package. It shouldn’t be hard to pick a good live casino site, since all the best online casinos cooperate with Evolution.

Register an Account and Make a Deposit

Register an Account and Make a Deposit

After selecting an online casino with Live Dragon Tiger, you must become a registered member and fund your balance. Fill in the registration form that will be presented on the screen after you click on the button that has “Join”, Sign Up” or “Register” on it.

Verify your email and your account should be up and running. Next, go to the cashier page and pick a deposit option. After you have made a successful deposit you can go to the live casino section and launch Live Dragon Tiger.

Dragon Tiger Playthrough

Dragon Tiger Playthrough

Each round of Dragon Tiger begins with the players placing a bet on the Dragon, Tiger or Tie. You will see these positions on the table and also on the virtual betting layout below the video feed.

After you place the chips of selected value into the position you have chosen to bet on, the dealer will deal one card from the shoe to the Dragon and Tiger positions. The higher card wins, it is that simple. If the cards are of the same value, the Tie bet wins.

Ace is valued as 1, then the other numbers follow – 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and10. The Jacks are worth 11, Queens 12 and the Kings are the highest cards, worth 13. Winning Dragon or Tiger bets pay even money. In the case of a Tie and you have wagered on either Dragon or Tiger, half your bet is returned. If you bet on Tie and win, you will receive a payout at 11:1 odds.

The optional Suited Tie bet is also available. It covers the possibility of both cards drawn being identical, which means they need to be of both the same suit and value.

A Suited Tie bet pays 50:1. If the outcome doesn’t match the Suited Tie bet, you will still get 50% of the initial main stake back. The rounds usually last no more than 25 seconds, so the game is fast and demands your attention.

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