Football Studio is a simple football-themed card game. In it, players need to guess correctly whether the Home or Away position will win the round. Alternatively, punters can also bet on Draw.

The dealer draws one card for both positions and compares their value. The higher value card will win the round for its corresponding side.



Between each round, you have a brief period that you can use to place a bet. Choose one of the available coins, and place them on one of the three betting options you have available.

You can bet that the winning card will be on Home or Away, or that a Draw will happen. Each option has a percentage on it, which tells you what other players are wagering on.

You can bet between $1 and $5000 with each spin. The betting limits for your table may be different depending on the operator.



After betting time ends, the dealer will draw two cards. One card is placed in the home field, and the other in the away field. The card values are compared in order to determine which side wins.

Correctly guessing the winning side pays a 1:1 prize. If you predict a Draw correctly, you receive an 11:1 prize instead. While it pays better, it comes with a worse RTP than the other two bets.

Card values are ranked from lowest to highest as follows: 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K-A. Two is the least valuable card, while Ace is the most valuable card. After a winning side is determined, the betting period starts again and the next round begins.

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