Majority Rules Blackjack is a game by Playtech. It is an entertaining card game, perfect for any blackjack enthusiast. Players have fallen in love with this game for a variety of reasons. Majority Rules Blackjack has a return to player percentage of 99.54%. It also features exciting side bets like 21 + 3 and perfect pairs.

This guide will help you understand how to play Majority Rules Blackjack. Let’s start by looking at the game rules.

Game Rules

Game Rules

Players in this game will see that Majority Rules Blackjack follows a European blackjack format of play. So, if you’re familiar with European blackjack rules you definitely have an advantage.

Some basic rules of Majority Rules Blackjack are listed below

  • Players can split any pair
  • Insurance is available when the dealer gets an ace on the upcard
  • One card is received on splitting aces
  • You can double down
  • Majority Rules Blackjack is played using eight decks
  • Side bets include the perfect pair and 21 + 3
What Makes Majority Rules Blackjack Stand Out?

What Makes Majority Rules Blackjack Stand Out?

You might wonder what all the fuss is about on a game that plays the same as European blackjack. Well, there is a twist.

All players taking part in a game of Majority Rules Blackjack have a say in how the game progresses. This is because everyone at the table is playing a single hand.

Consensus drives this game. So, decisions on whether to hit or stand will be made via a voting system.

How to Play Majority Rules Blackjack

How to Play Majority Rules Blackjack

The first thing you will see in Majority Rules Blackjack is a prompt asking you to confirm automatic doubling and splitting. You can choose to turn these features on or off, it’s entirely up to you and how you want to play.

Place A Wager

There are two hands you can play in Majority Rules Blackjack. You can select to play in one or both, the decision is yours.

These hands differ in the decision-making process. One follows the best basic strategy and is automatic. The other is driven by majority rule. Here plays are determined by the outcome of a vote amongst participants.

Whichever hand you pick, you will need to confirm your decision by placing a wager. You can also place wagers for your side bets at this point.

The Dealer

When the betting period expires, the dealer then deals the cards. The game progresses fast since the dealer only has to deal two hands. It doesn’t matter how many players are taking part, everyone is playing one hand. At this point, the dealer also gets one card.

Voting in Majority Rules Blackjack

Players will then vote on the best play to make. A short period is allowed for the voting. The decision that gunners the most votes will be applied to the game.

Majority Rules Blackjack is a guided game. So, in the event that you are playing by yourself or there is a tie in the vote, the game will step in.

A decision will be made on your behalf automatically. This decision will be determined by the rules governing the perfect Blackjack strategy.

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