Evolution’s Super Sic Bo is a variation of the popular Asian game called Sic Bo. The developers added the possibility of having your payouts increased using randomly awarded multipliers. In this guide, we will teach you how to play this Evolution release.

Super Sic Bo is played using three six-sided dice. A machine shakes the dice for a few seconds before stopping. Your rewards are determined by what bets you placed and what numbers the dice revealed.

Available Stakes

Available Stakes

Before the round starts proper, you have a brief betting period. Players can choose one of the available coin values and place them on the betting board. The available betting range is $0.20 to $10,000, but the exact limit may be different at your online casino.

There are numerous bets you can make. Players can place one or more wagers at the same time. Available stakes are as follows:

  • Small – You bet that the three dice total will be between 4 and 10.
  • Big – You wager that the three dice total will be between 11 and 17.
  • Odd/Even – Bet that the three dice total will be an odd or even number.
  • Total – Players wager that their three dice total will be a specific number. The more difficult the number is to draw, the better its payout will be.
  • Single – This bet is labelled with the One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six segments at the bottom of the betting board. You win if one, two or all three dice show the number you bet on.
  • Double – Double bets are marked with two drawn dice displaying the double you need to draw to win. You can only win on the double combinations you bet on. Payouts between the different doubles are the same.
  • Triple – A wager on any triple box rewards you for getting any three matching dice combinations. You can also bet on a specific triple dice combination, which pays better.
  • Two Dice – Bet on any of the fifteen two dice combinations on the betting board. If the dice displays those two dice, you receive the payout.
The Dice Shaker

The Dice Shaker

After you finish wagering, the machine starts rolling the dice around. At the same time, a multiplier will randomly increase the payout for specific bets.

After all the multipliers are assigned, the dice shaker stops and the result is displayed. If you bet on a winning wager, you will receive a payout.



What kind of reward you get depends on whether it was increased by the multiplier. The only wagers that cannot be multiplied are even money bets on the betting board. Available payouts can be seen in the table below.


Wagerstandard payoutMax multi payout
Total4 or 17 pays 50:1
5 or 16 pays 20:1
6 or 15 pays 15:1
7 or 14 pays 12:1
8 or 13 pays 8:1
9 or 12 pays 6:1
10 or 11 pays 6:1
4 or 17 pays up to 499:1
5 or 16 pays up to 240:1
6 or 15 pays up to 87:1
7 or 14 pays up to 29:1
8 or 13 pays up to 24:1
9 or 12 pays up to 49:1
10 or 11 pays up to 24:1
SingleSingle pays 1:1
Double pays 2:1
Triple pays 3:1
Double pays up to 19:1
Triple pays up to 87:1
Double8:1Up to 87:1
Any triple30:1Up to 87:1
Specific triple150:1Up to 999:1
Combination5:1Up to 24:1
Payouts Super Sic Bo

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