Many online casino bonus deals are claimed with the help of a unique code. Coupon codes, or bonus codes, are exclusively generated for each offer and can only unlock that specific offer. Finding codes for online casino bonuses is no science. They have a simple application and a clear purpose.

This is how you need to approach claiming online casino bonus codes.

What are Bonus Codes

What are Bonus Codes

Casino coupon codes/bonus codes are used for promotional purposes. They are tools of promotional marketing. Casinos attach codes to special promotional offers to make them more appealing to players. The player shows interest to take advantage of the incentive by using a corresponding code that unlocks it.

Bonus codes can unlock all sorts of deals – free spins, match deposit bonuses, even no deposit bonuses upon registration.

They contain a specific combination of letters and numbers that is the key to activating the bonus reward. For example, a bonus code can be PROMO123, or something along those lines.

Finding Bonus Codes

Finding Bonus Codes

You need to input a bonus code to receive an online casino bonus offer. When you have to do that, it’s important to know where to find it. They are not hidden or hard to find. You will find bonus codes for specific offers in their descriptions. They are posted alongside the terms and conditions attached to the bonus you are trying to claim.

Sometimes, the bonus casino offered to you is exclusive and arrives in your email or account inbox. In this case, the code for it should be mailed as well. If, for some reason, you are struggling to locate a code, simply contact the casino support.

Take note of the bonus code. You can copy it and store it for when you wish to redeem the promotion.

Applying Codes to Claim Bonuses

Applying Codes to Claim Bonuses

When the time comes, you just enter the bonus code in the required field to proceed. If you are claiming a welcome bonus/sign-up bonus, you need to input the corresponding code while completing the registration form. In other occasions, you may need to input the code while making a deposit.

Don’t change any characters and enter the code as it is originally. Any capital letters and numbers need to be in the right order. Copying the code is the easiest way of doing it.

Do a final check if everything is correct and submit. Your code-powered bonus is now activated.

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