Various profiles of players frequent online casinos. Some are casual players, while others are elite customers that don’t shy away from big bets. Casinos have designed VIP programs to make the most dedicated players feel appreciated and valued.

These schemes, clubs and programs include an array of different exclusive bonuses that regular players don’t have access to. If you want to become a VIP and have multiple special bonuses at your disposal, follow these steps.

Find a Reputable Casino with a VIP Scheme

Find a Reputable Casino with a VIP Scheme

Not all casinos online offer VIP treatment. The first thing you have to do is to comb the lists of reputable casinos and identify which ones have VIP benefits. Secondly, you should compare their programs and see which are suitable for your style of play.

VIP schemes are not all the same. Some have multiple levels the players have to achieve, and it can be a lot of work. You have to make an assessment whether you can truly benefit from a membership in a VIP casino club.

Provided you are a regular player, you should be able to capitalize on the perks that come with the VIP status.

Get Invited to the VIP Club

Get Invited to the VIP Club

One way of getting access to VIP casino bonuses is to receive an invitation. Many casinos practice the invitation-induced protocol of including customers into VIP clubs. There is no specific pattern or guideline you need to follow to get invited. You have to make real money deposits regularly and play frequently.

The casino will monitor your activity and single you out as a dedicated, loyal player who invests significant amounts. Once that happens, you are likely to receive an invitation through email or account inbox. Accept the invitation to receive the VIP status.

Depending on the casino in question, you may be eligible for weekly/monthly bonuses, birthday rewards, cashback and other benefits.

Collect Points to Become VIP

Collect Points to Become VIP

Some VIP schemes work in a different way. To become VIP at selected casinos, you have to collect points by making real money wagers. Each wager you make at a determined amount will equal one point.

Collecting a certain number of points grants you the initial VIP status. The next status requires a higher number of points collected. These systems are also multi-tier VIP systems. The higher your VIP rank, the bigger the bonuses.

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