Since there is always a risk when you gamble online to go overboard and start spending irrationally, online casinos offer the possibility to self-exclude.

This means that you have at your disposal a facility to self-exclude from the platform for a specific period of time that should be enough to allow you to go back on the right track with your gambling habits.

How does one take advantage of this facility? Follow these simple steps to learn how to self-exclude from an internet casino.

Understand That Self-Banning is a Voluntary Process

Understand That Self-Banning is a Voluntary Process

Self-excluding is an initiative that a gambler needs to start manually. It is a voluntary action in which the gambler asks the online casino operator to exclude him/her from gambling with them over a set period of time.

During this time, the self-excluded user will be refused services and will not be able to gamble. The facility is meant to prevent players from becoming problem gamblers. The player’s account is frozen and no promotional material will be sent during this time.

Find the Self-Exclusion Tool

Find the Self-Exclusion Tool

Once you have assessed that there is a possibility of becoming a problem gambler and that it is time to self-exclude, go to the casino you wish to withdraw from and find the self-exclusion tool.

The facility is normally found under Responsible Gambling or Self-Exclusion (My Account). Open the form and select for how long you wish to be banned from the platform. Usually, the available options are 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, several years or permanently.

You must accept the terms and conditions and confirm the self-exclusion request. The details of your self-exclusion plan should arrive in your email shortly.

Setting up self-exclusion conditions can also be done outside the casino website. For instance, GAMSTOP is a multi-operator facility that includes a huge number of online casinos. You can go to GAMSTOP directly and exclude yourself from all the casinos that are registered with GAMSTOP singlehandedly.

At certain casinos, they will prompt you to contact the customer support and initiate the self-banning period through the customer care program. The option to self-exclude is irreversible for the specified time, regardless of the way you activate it.

Downloadable Software

Downloadable Software

An alternative way of enabling self-exclusion is to consider installing software that blocks access to gambling websites.

There are various software options that monitor and/or restrict access to specified internet sites. Some of the examples are GamBlock and Betfilter which are also available for mobile devices.  


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