Online casinos around the globe strive to provide the best possible services to their users. Most of them apply strict and fair gambling policies, which makes players to play over and over again. However, you can also find many casino sites with unreasonable practices which lead to disputes with players.

There are many possible reasons for a dispute with a casino and you need to know how to fight against the provider. That’s why you need to check this review and find more about taking an online casino to the court.

Turn to Casino

Turn to Casino

Before starting a dispute with a casino, you need to reach the casino in a polite way. Check the terms and conditions of the site before expressing your problem. Once you are familiar with their operation, be sure to submit a complaint via an official form at the site.

As part of the submission, you should explain the problem in detail such as transaction amount, account details, and similar. When communicating with the provider, you should express your problem clearly.

Send all evidence that you have and copies of the messages to the casino. If the site is reputable, they will certainly open an investigation and inform you about the result in the shortest possible time.

Turn to Alternative Dispute Resolution

Turn to Alternative Dispute Resolution

If the casino provider is not willing to support you with the issues, you should not give up. There is another way to solve the issues by reaching an Alternative Dispute Resolution – ADR.

The same organization will conduct a partial investigation and make a decision. ADR is a completely free service and you cannot lose anything by turning to them.

Based on the rules of the UK Gambling Commission, each gambling provider in the United Kingdom must provide a minimum of one APR authority who would deal with customers’ issues. Each casino will select its APR and it is not possible to choose the organization.

Before using ADR services, you must have used all methods based on the casino policy and pass their complaint process.


Continue with the Court Procedure

Continue with the Court Procedure

Before starting the court procedure, you should know your rights as a consumer. Each time you make a payment at an online casino, you conclude a contract with the business provider, and your rights are guaranteed by law.

For instance, UK players and their rights fall under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 which applies to several areas. Based on the Consumer rights Law in your country, you are protected from unfair policies of casinos which would provide the operator with a certain advantage. The word of law should be clear and transparent so that the players know their rights.

It is also important that going to courts may impose high costs. Before deciding to go to court, be sure to reconsider whether the costs correspond to your budget.


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