Anything that can generate something close to a random number, is used in the casino. Playing cards for Caribbean stud poker, baccarat, and blackjack. Dice for craps and sic bo. A giant wheel for roulette and golden ten.

Those are just some of the more well-known casino games. There are numerous more, with newly invented games constantly introduced while others are phased out. During Las Vegas’ annual Global Gaming Expo, the conference floor is filled with new games and their inventors trying to persuade casinos to offer some square footage for their creation.

Sometimes, existing games gradually change or are slowly improved upon, up until the point it has become truly a new game.

Be Open to It

In online casinos, new games get introduced and old ones are gradually disposed of in rapid fashion. With the click of a button, online casinos can give a new game a try, but they can just as easily get rid of ‘em again as well. Testing out new games on their clientele is common, with new games constantly popping up in casino clients.

In this category, we provide answers to questions related to all games that don’t have their own section (yet) on HowtoCasino. How to play Red Dog, for example, or what the best way to play Casino War is.

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What is RNG (Random Number Generator)?

Random Number Generator is a software that determines the results for the games randomly. Random Number Generator is vital for RNG games, also known as games of luck. The best examples are slots, where RNG decides the hit frequency and when the winning combination will land on the reels.

What is house edge?

The house edge is a built-in advantage each casino has against the players in each game. This value is different for each game. Some have higher, some lower house edge. In other words, house edge is the casino’s profit margin and an average profit the casino makes on every bet that the player makes.

Which bets are best in Sic Bo?

Sic Bo has a range of possible bets. Here are some: total, small and big, combination, single, double, and triple. The most common ones are small and big. A small bet predicts the sum of the dice roll will range between 4 and 10, and the big one bets on a sum from 11 to 17. Every dice roll in Sic Bo results in a win or loss on any bet.