Scratch cards are popular games among players worldwide, with random chances. They can offer either instant results or prolonged fun, depending on your choice. Every ticket allows players to enjoy the thrill of an instant gaming experience.

If you are ready to play scratch cards, make sure to learn more about the process.


Determine your budget

Before starting with the gameplay, you need to set a budget. Instant scratch cards open another opportunity for gambling, but you need to track expenses. It would be best to consider a game as part of the entertainment budget and spend only a limited amount which you would spend when going out.


Select the Scratch Ticket

Once you set a budget, you can proceed with selecting a specific scratch ticket. It is possible to select the ticket based on the price which is presented in the upper right corner.

The prices of tickets are in the range of $1 to $30. The same-looking tickets can include different costs, so you always need to check the price twice.


Continue with Scratching your Ticket

As soon as you choose the scratch card, go ahead and scratch it. By scratching the card, you will see the hidden symbols and numbers. If your ticket is winning, you can claim a prize.

Check the instructions on the back of the ticket and you will get more information about how it works. If you accidentally scratch a ticket in the wrong area, you can still win. Just check it by scanning the barcode on the ticket.


Check your Ticket

Once you have scratched the ticket, you can check whether you have won. It is possible by checking at the retailer or by using the OLG App. Just check the barcode on the ticket and you will find out whether you have won something. If you play online, you will see the result will be shown automatically.


Claim Your Winnings

If your ticket is winning, you can continue with claiming a prize. Just bring a signed ticket to the retailer if your prize is under $1000. Make sure to take the ticket before the expiration date to the retailer. The expiration date can be seen on the back of the ticket.

The odds of winning instant tickets vary, with 1 in 3 on average. It means that for all sold tickets for a specific game, 1/3 will be winners. With odds 1 in 3, you are not guaranteed to become a winner if you purchase 3 tickets. It is possible to purchase 3 tickets and claim winnings on all 3 or stay without winnings.

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