Sic bo is an ancient Chinese game of chance played with dice. It’s getting more and more popular in online casinos. The gameplay is fast-paced and doesn’t leave any room for strategies.

It is also known as Tai Sai (meaning Lucky Dice) and Dai Siu (meaning Big Small). While the betting board in Sic Bo may look complex, the rules of the game are a simple as they get.

All a player has to do is wager on the outcome of the roll of the three dice. The game moves quickly and features a variety of possible bets. Let’s break it down – here’s what you should know and do if you want to play Sic bo.

Learn the Game’s Components and Proceedings

Learn the Game’s Components and Proceedings

With the power of the internet, you can play sic bo online no matter where you are. Nevertheless, not being present physically at the table does not excuse you from knowing how the game works and what its basic elements are.

The three main constituents of a game of sic bo are the betting table, the dice shaker and the three dice. The betting layout presents a variety of dice combinations that players are able to bet on.

The shaker was once a chest shaken manually, but nowadays croupiers use automatic shakers that work at the press of a button. In digital sic bo, the RNG software is in charge of landing the random result of a dice roll.

Set Your Budget

Set Your Budget

Because sic bo is a game of pure chance and is barely affected by any strategies, the best thing you can do before you place your first bet is set your bankroll. Be in control of your stakes and place only the wagers you are comfortable with.

For this, you need to study the available bets and their respective payouts. That way you’ll be more aware of your spending and avoid adding more funds outside of your predetermined spending budget. As you load the game, you will be able to choose the size of the chips by clicking on – and + buttons.

Know the Bets

Know the Bets

Looking at the betting layout for the first time may intimidate a beginner, but the part of why sic bo is gaining more popularity is the fact that it offers so many different betting opportunities.

The variety of odds is just as wide, ranging from even money to 180-to-1. So take a peek at the paytable before wagering. Some of the bets you will have at your disposal are:

  • Total – The easiest bet on the board; wins if the sum of the three dice adds up to a specific total score.
  • Small – Wins if the total sum of the three dice is between 4 and 10, yet not a triple.
  • Big – Wins if the total sum of the three dice is between 11 and 17, yet not a triple.
  • Two-Dice Combination – Betting on two different specific numbers to land on two dice.
  • Single-Die Bet – Wins if at least one of the dice shows the specific chosen number.
  • Specific Double – Wins if two of the three dice show a specific number.
  • Specific Triple – Wins if all three dice show a specific trio, like three 5s.
  • Any Triple – All three dice must show the same number, regardless of the number.
Placing Bets

Placing Bets

Each of these bets is represented by a box on the betting layout, so take a moment to associate all the boxes with the bets. That way you will know where to place your chips. You are allowed to place multiple bets during the wagering period.

How do you place bets? Like in any other casino game! Pick your dice outcome combinations and predictions and place the chips of your chosen value in corresponding boxes. The lower the payout odds of bets, the greater your chances of winning.

The higher the payout odds, the less likely the outcome will occur. Since payout odds are rendered on the table, you don’t have to go through the trouble of memorising them.

Winning at Sic Bo

Winning at Sic Bo

Now that you have concluded your bets, it’s time for the dice roll. Some games may require you to click on the Roll button, while others will perform this automatically as the betting time expires.

Shaken, or rolled, the dice will eventually come to rest and present the outcome. The areas of the table which correspond to all winning bets will then light up and payouts will be added to the winners’ balances.

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