Roulette is a game that looks like it can be beaten with smart play. You do not have control over what number the wheel will draw. However, you can employ systems and bet smart to give yourself an improved chance of winning. No matter if you are just playing roulette for fun or if you are a high roller in an online casino, we advise using this advice.

However, no betting system in roulette can make it so you always break even. The way roulette is designed makes it impossible to beat the house edge. Anyone who tells you there is a surefire winning strategy is trying to fool you. Naturally, this leads us to ask the question: why are players unable to always break even in roulette?

Blame the Zero(es)

Blame the Zero(es)

Every gambling strategy in roulette is based around even money bets. These wagers are not very exciting. They aim to cover half of the board, giving you an almost 50% chance of winning.

As a result, winning them pays even money: your original bet plus that same amount on top of that as a prize. This is true for just about every roulette betting system you can find.

The issue that arises is when we introduce zero to the roulette wheel. The three even money bets you can use to adhere to a roulette system are Odd/Even, Red/Black and High/Low. All three of these wagers target numbers one to thirty-six. Zero does not count, and that pushes the chances of winning an even money bet to below 50%.

There is no version of roulette you can play that does not include zeroes. French and European Roulette have one zero, and American Roulette has two. As long as they remain a core part of roulette, you will be unable to break even.

Improving Your Odds

Improving Your Odds

You may feel discouraged by this information, but you should not be. Roulette still gives you great odds for a casino game. While there may be no way to guarantee success, you can take some steps to increase your chances of winning. In no particular order, these include:

  • Do not play American Roulette. The double zero lowers the return to player value significantly. Play French Roulette if possible, or European Roulette if not.
  • Use a betting system. There are several types of betting strategies, and we personally find positive progression betting systems work best with roulette. We will go into more detail further into the article.
  • Mix it up with variants. Developers constantly experiment with roulette’s design, and often try to shift some elements of the game. Fans of big wins may want to check out Quantum and Lightning Roulette tables, which offer massive multipliers. Just make sure the variant you play is based around the European Roulette table.
Betting Systems and You

Betting Systems and You

On the internet, you can find all sorts of interesting knowledge. Odds are, you have probably come across a roulette betting system or another. The most popular is Martingale, which advises doubling your stake after every loss to make it back eventually. While it sounds good on paper, it has a serious flaw. One that is shared by other negative progression betting systems.

These systems ask you to increase your wager after every loss. That makes them prohibitively expensive when it comes to losing streaks. For most punters, you will have to start with an incredibly small bet to be able to afford the increase. However, that somewhat ruins the fun of it all. You risk a lot for very small gains. That is why we find positive progression betting systems to be better.

Unlike their negative counterparts, here you increase your bet after every win! Positive betting systems chase win streaks, which makes them much better. Your wager with every round will remain at a reasonable level, while the gains you earn can be incredible. That said, this type of system is not flawless either.

Winning streaks have a habit of leaving you wanting more. You want to keep increasing your wager to get an even bigger win! This is why every positive progression betting system insists on setting a limit. Our advice would be to limit your bet increases to three wins maximum. With every additional increase, the odds of a loss wiping away your gains increases. Play it smart: do not let your greed get to you. That is the only way to use this betting system successfully.

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