Roulette is a simple game once you get used to it. However, it has many moving parts to keep track of, boiling down to how the wheel is designed. It has thirty-seven numbers: thirty-six standard ones, and a single zero.

Each standard number can be odd or even, high or low or it can be on a red or black field. While all the action is happening on the wheel, all bets are placed on the table. There, numbers are arranged in a grid, where you can keep track of the columns they are on.

The reason we mention all of these elements is that they can all be used to place roulette bets. New players will try to hit their lucky numbers, or will alternate between them. Experienced punters will try to use a betting system based around even money bets. However, no matter your skill level, you can incorporate patterns in your roulette strategy. You just need to know how to do it.

Recognizing a Pattern

Recognizing a Pattern

Now, when we say patterns, we do not mind individual numbers repeating. It is possible, but the odds of it happening are miniscule. Rather, you should focus on bets that cover more numbers at the same time. Pattern recognition will have the greatest chance of helping you there.

Online roulette games have come a long way in helping players track patterns. Some developers put in a lot more effort than others did. However, it is not rare to find a page that at least lists off what numbers and colors won the last round. Other software providers will give you detailed breakdowns using a statistics page. These can seem a bit intimidating to new players, but they are worth checking out.

These tools serve to assist you in figuring out a possible pattern you can exploit. The most obvious patterns to see are even money bet patterns. If the last four wins were all red numbers, you probably will not need any tools to notice that. Others, like neighbor and column bets, require a bit more effort on your part. You need to see the winning numbers and match their position on the wheel or table.

Hot and cold numbers also count under roulette patterns, but we advise against being too attached to them. Single number bets have a low chance of winning, and should only be played under specific circumstances.

Exploiting the Pattern

Exploiting the Pattern

Really, the best advice we can give you is to strike immediately. Betting patterns are volatile. A red winning streak can last for three rounds or ten rounds, depending on the whims of fate.

As soon as you pick up on a pattern, we advise playing it. Did you notice all the wins seem to be favoring a specific side of the wheel? Place more wagers on that side, and hope you can gain from the winning streak!

You should not treat this as something that will always work. You may find that a black number will win after you swap to red trying to exploit a pattern. The thing to remember is that every wheel spin is independent of each other. Just because the last four winning numbers were neighbors does not mean this will continue in the future.

Patterns will not help you break roulette and beat the house edge. However, they give you something to do while playing, and can occasionally reward you with a win streak! 

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