Online roulette has exploded in popularity in recent years. It was always a thrilling game to play and was only further enhanced with the rise of live casino games. With so many new players trying their luck at roulette, an obvious question arises. Is there a way to give yourself an advantage? Is there a way to win playing online roulette?

Ultimately, the spin of the wheel determines the outcome of each roulette round. This means punters cannot influence the result of each spin to the same level that they can in blackjack. That said, there are ways to extend how long you can keep playing. With more rounds come more chances to get lucky. To do this, we need to get familiar with roulette bets and betting systems.

Roulette Bets

Roulette Bets

Winning online roulette requires you to focus on the most optimal plays. As a result, we will not be covering French bets or Neighbor bets here. We are only interested in the two primary bet types: inside and outside wagers.

Inside bets are riskier, but reward more money when won. The lower your chances of winning, the better your payout will be. Available inside bets include the following wagers:

  • Line: Bets on six numbers total, for a 5:1 payout.
  • Corner: Bets on four numbers total, for an 8:1 payout.
  • Street: Bets on three numbers total, for an 11:1 payout.
  • Split: Bets on two numbers total, for a 17:1 payout.
  • Straight: Bets on a single number, for a 35:1 payout.

Even though they have more significant rewards, inside bets are something we will ignore. Instead, players need to focus on outside bets. They offer fewer risks for a smaller payout.

  • Low/High: Bet whether the drawn number will be worth between 1-18 or 19-36
  • Odd/Even: Bet whether the drawn number will be even or odd (divisible by two or not)
  • Red/Black: Bet whether the drawn number will be red or black.
  • Column/Dozen: Bets on twelve numbers total, for a 2:1 payout.
Martingale’s Roulette Betting System

Martingale’s Roulette Betting System

Roulette betting systems hinge on specific outside wagers called even money bets. They have an almost equal chance to win or lose and earn a 1:1 payout when won. These even money bets are Low/High, Odd/Even, and Red/Black.

The most well-known roulette betting system is called the Martingale. With the Martingale system, you double your wager after every loss. The concept behind it is simple. You are bound to win again eventually. If you double your bet each time, then your next win will make up for previous losses.

It works well in theory but fails to deliver the needed result in practice. The issue with Martingale’s system is that it’s a negative betting progression system. Increasing your bet after every loss can quickly become expensive in the face of a losing streak. Even if you have the money, you will eventually hit the table limit. At that point, it’s no longer possible to follow this betting system and make up for previous losses.

Paroli’s Roulette Betting System

Paroli’s Roulette Betting System

To combat this problem, we must turn towards positive progression betting systems. Here, punters increase their wager with every win, rather than with every loss. You can use several betting systems. However, we advise playing with Paroli’s Betting System. It’s easy to understand and can earn you a fair amount of cash with a bit of luck.

First, set a sum you would like to play. We will use $10 as an example. If we win the first round, we increase the bet by $10 more, and now play $20. If we win again, we double the bet again, and now stake $40. Now, you can continue climbing, but that’s not what Paroli’s strategy entails. Instead, this betting system is all about sequences.

Our advice is to keep a sequence small: three or four wins maximum. That means after reaching $40, you do not bet for the fourth time. Instead, you reset your wager back to $10 and start the sequence again. If you win all three, then you’ve earned a significant sum of money. If you lose, you reset the course and start all over again.

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