Being a simple game which only uses a revolving wheel and a white a ball, roulette comes with a bewildering set of betting options. What makes the game so appealing is the possibility to bet on a group of numbers and not just single numbers that appear on the wheel.

The dozen bet is one of the available bets that is fairly easy to spot on the betting table, as it is one that focuses on a group of numbers. Here’s how to bet on dozen at roulette.

Get to Know the Roulette Betting Table

Get to Know the Roulette Betting Table

To be able to make any roulette bet with full understanding of what you are doing, you should first get to know how the table looks.

If you are playing online, the betting layout will be virtually represented, but will also look the same as if it were drawn on a proper, physical table.

Every roulette table can be broken down into various sections. The most basic distinction exists between outside and inside bets. The inside bets are all of the individual numbers, whereas outside bets, dozen included, cover multiple numbers.

There are three dozen bets – the 1st dozen, the 2nd dozen and the 3rd dozen.

Dozen Bet Explained

Dozen Bet Explained

When you look at the table, you will see three sections for each of the three dozen. But which numbers fall under each dozen. It’s the numbers above the sections.

The 1st dozen includes numbers from 1 to 12, the 2nd dozen covers numbers from 13 to 24 and the 3rd dozen covers numbers from 25 to 36.

The sections to bet on are located between the even money bets and the inside numbers.

The dozen bet pays at 2:1 odds, and if the zero turns out to be the winning number the dozen bet loses. The same applies for the double zero pocket.

Players are allowed to also bet on two dozen at the same time, or on the same spin, which covers more numbers but also increases the wager.

Placing the Dozen Bet in a Game of Roulette

Placing the Dozen Bet in a Game of Roulette

Certain about your roulette knowledge, you can now place a dozen bet. If you still have doubts, you can try the option in a practice session of roulette in demo mode.

If you want to play for real money, start the game and wait for the betting period to open. Then, use the chips you wish to wager and place them on the section that is reserved for dozen bets.

When the time runs out, the wheel will be put in motion and, eventually, the ball will land in one of the pockets. If the winning pocket contains a number from the dozen you have wagered on, the payout will land on your casino balance.

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