Roulette is an easy-to-understand gambling game and masses of players enjoy it daily. One can quickly learn the rules of roulette and as soon as he or she masters the betting options, everything goes smooth from there.

One of the more frequent bets in a game of roulette is the split bet. This is an inside bet, which means it focuses on the numbers rather than on patterns or groups of numbers. The risk factor is high, but so is the payout should you win a split bet. Here are our guidelines when it comes to placing a split bet at roulette.

Know the Betting Table

Know the Betting Table

All the bets in roulette are made on the betting table/layout. Whether it is a physical table or a digital layout, the configuration is the same. The wagers located within the numbers layout are inside bets, and the split bet falls under that category.

The 36 numbers which are on the roulette wheel are presented on the betting grid and this is where you will place your split bet, which is also known as the two-number bet.

Split Bet Explained

Split Bet Explained

In roulette, you can place a single-number bet, but you can also place a two-number bet which is also known as the split wager.

This bet involves the player splitting the chip between two numbers which are located one by the other on the betting layout, horizontally or vertically. You will be betting on both numbers during the same spin.

You make a choice whether these numbers will be 16 and 19, 22 and 23 or 22 and 25, for example. They just need to be adjacent.

So, you can’t place a bet on 27 and 28, because these numbers aren’t next to each other on the layout even though they are consecutive numbers by natural order.  French roulette games refer to this bet as the Cheval bet. Split pays 17 to 1.

Placing a Split Bet at Roulette

Placing a Split Bet at Roulette

Whenever you want to place a split bet, what you need to do is join a roulette table and wait for the betting time to begin. With the betting window open, you just get the chips you wish to wager and place them on the border separating the two adjacent numbers you wish to bet on.

The line can be a horizontal or a vertical one, it makes no difference as long as these are the specific numbers you want to bet on. It takes one of the two numbers to become the winning number for the bet to be successful and your payout to be worth 17 times the stake.

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