Roulette is a gambling game of many possibilities. There is much more to roulette than just bets on individual numbers. Some wagers are more alternative than others and players likely turn to them when they feel like they need to get more excitement out of the roulette wheel spins.

Call bets represent a specific group of bets that aren’t always available in every roulette game. They are often found at high-stakes tables in land-based casinos, but some live dealer options and RNG versions have also appeared online that allow bettors to make use of call bets. Keep reading to find out how to place them.

Choose a Roulette Table

Choose a Roulette Table

American roulette tables do not feature call bets. As these are bets that originate from the French version of the game you will find them at French roulette tables or European roulette tables.

Make sure to establish this distinction when you are choosing a roulette game to play.

Get Familiar With the Racetrack Layout

Get Familiar With the Racetrack Layout

As opposed to regular roulette bets which are placed on the standard betting table/layout, call bets, or French bets as they are also called, are placed on the alternative board which is known as racetrack.

This secondary betting board is created to make it easier for players to make call bets. You will easily recognize it as it has an oval shape, like a racetrack observed from above.

Some games use the text box to enable French bets but the visual representation of them on the special layout makes simplifies the process.

The Concept of Call Bets

The Concept of Call Bets

If you envision the roulette wheel, you can fairly easily determine the location of all the French bets available in the game. In fact, their names are derived from the numbers’ positions on the wheel and they have still maintained their French denominations.

Call bets are complex bets which involve wagering on a series of numbers.

Strictly speaking about call bets in land-based casinos, you will not be expected to place any money on the table when you want to make these bets.

You will call them out, which is why they are also referred to as announced bets. In a way, this is betting on credit. Online, the procedure is the same as with other bets, as you have to mark the position you wish to place chips on.

Types of Call Bets

Types of Call Bets

As we’ve mentioned, call bets are recognized by French phrases. There are four common types of bets to make:

  • Tiers du Cylindre: a bet on 12 numbers that cover a specific section of the roulette wheel that lies opposite to zero. The maximum winning payout is 17:1.
  • Orphelins/Orphans: a bet that covers eight numbers that you find next to each other on the roulette wheel. These numbers remain when all others, covered by the remaining call bets, are excluded. The maximum winning payout is 35:1.
  • Voisins/Voisins du Zero/Neighbours: a combination of bets that cover 17 numbers between 22 and 25. These numbers are next to zero on the wheel. The maximum winning payout is 17:1.
  • Zero/Jeu Zero: covers 6 numbers closest to zero, and also zero. The maximum winning payout is 35:1.

There is also the Final Bet or Finales en Plein and Finales a Cheval. These involve betting on every number ending in the same digit.

Jump Into Some Roulette Games

Jump Into Some Roulette Games

If you are not quite convinced that you know how to make call bets for real money, play a few sessions of roulette online in practice mode.

Playing online is very easy, as all you need to do is join a roulette table, wait for the betting time to start, switch to the virtual racetrack layout and mark the area corresponding to your bet which will place chips of your choice right there.

Alternatively, you may find the menu with the call bets and select your desired wager from there.

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