Roulette is so much more than simply betting on individual numbers. Many players are getting more and more interested in classical roulette bets, which are also called French bets or announced bets. They are also known as call bets, because players would call them at the roulette table while playing at a land based casino.

These wagers are gathered around specific groups and combinations of numbers which cover specific sections of the roulette wheel. The Final bet is one of the call bets and it is considered an advanced way to bet at roulette, which is why you won’t find it widely available. Here’s how to place a Final bet (Les Finales) at roulette.

Don’t Play American Roulette

Don’t Play American Roulette

Play French or European Roulette if you want to benefit from the Final bet. This is a bet that requires a single-zero roulette wheel, so the American version of the game does not support it.

Always check if your chosen version of roulette offers this series of bets before you start playing for real money. You are likely to find Les Finales in the premium versions of online roulette.

Get Familiar With the Betting Layout

Get Familiar With the Betting Layout

The betting board in roulette is just as important as the wheel itself. As a player, you don’t interact much with the wheel – the action happens on the betting table.

In the case of the Final bet, you don’t have to concern yourself much about every single section of the layout. However, you will have to take notice of the numbers that end in the same digits.

Final Bet at Roulette Explained

Final Bet at Roulette Explained

The way the Final bet works is that the player bets on numbers that end with the same digit. Therefore, this bet can include either three or four numbers.

Also, there are two bet variations of Les Finales: Final Straight (Les Finales en Plein) in which straight up bets are placed on each of the selected numbers and Final Split (Les Finales a Cheval) in which the player bets on pairs which end with the same digit. The Les Finales en Plein combinations include:

  • Finale 0 en Plein:   0 – 10 – 20 – 30
  • Finale 1 en Plein:   1 – 11 – 21 – 31
  • Finale 2 en Plein:   2 – 12 – 22 – 32
  • Finale 3 en Plein:   3 – 13 – 23 – 33 
  • Finale 4 en Plein:   4 – 14 – 24 – 34
  • Finale 5 en Plein:   5 – 15 – 25 – 35
  • Finale 6 en Plein:   6 – 16 – 26 – 36
  • Finale 7 en Plein:   7 – 17 – 27
  • Finale 8 en Plein:   8 – 18 – 28
  • Finale 9 en Plein:   9 – 19 – 29

As you can see, this can be a 3-number bet or a 4-number bet, depending on the combination you choose.

Placing the Final Bet at Roulette

Placing the Final Bet at Roulette

If you are at a land-based roulette table, you will usually just announce the bet to the croupier who will proceed to place the chips you have selected on the positions that correspond to the bet.

If you are playing online, wait for the betting time to start and use the shortcut to the special bet to find Les Finales.

Usually, one click solves the mystery and the chips of the selected value will find their way on the betting layout. Now, all that’s left is to wait for the outcome of the wheel spin.

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