If you wish to play roulette properly and make use of its potential, you are doing a good job learning how all the available bets work. High/low is one of the safer bets, as it covers more ground and gives you increased odds of winning.

It is not hard to play roulette by wagering on the high or low numbers, so here’s how to do it.

Learn Your Way Around the Wheel and the Betting Board

Learn Your Way Around the Wheel and the Betting Board

Before wagering any money, make sure you understand what the roulette wheel and the betting layout are showing you. You will see 37 numbers on the roulette wheel, each in a separate pocket, red or black, or green in case it is a zero.

This is the most common roulette outlook, where as the American-style wheel adds another green pocket with a double zero.

The regular numbers go from 1 to 36. Each number has an area on the board for single number bets, and you will also see other sections reserved for the remaining bets.

High/Low Bet Explained

High/Low Bet Explained

The high/low bet is a wager on 18 numbers. There are 18 low numbers on the wheel, from 1 to 18 and 18 high numbers, from 19 to 36.

The zero pocket and the double zero do not count and will award the bet to the house if the ball lands on these sections.

The payoff is given at 1:1 odds, which means even money. So, if you want to give this bet a try, you will be wagering on the winning number to be high or low.

Placing the Bet

Placing the Bet

Placing all bets in roulette is the same process. Once you have joined the table, select the chips you wish to bet and place them on the areas which are reserved for the bet you intend to make.

The square area for the high/low bets is located on the sides of odd and even bets.

The wheel will then spin and the ball will land in one of the numbers. If that number matches your bet, you will be paid even money.

The round is over and a new one will start, giving you another opportunity to place a new bet on high or low numbers.

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