Roulette newcomers often find it very intimidating. The large board in front of them and all the rules they have to learn can be daunting for many. If you want a sample of the real roulette experience in a simplified format, then Mini Roulette is for you.

The Differences

The Differences

  • The wheel consists of twelve numbers and a zero
  • No French or neighbor bets
  • Dozen wagers have been replaced with half dozen
Placing Your Bet

Placing Your Bet

When you first launch the game, you will be seated in front of a roulette table. The layout is similar to European roulette, though the board is much smaller. Here, you will be able to place several inside and outside bets.

Outside bets are more likely to win and have smaller payouts. Play them if you are looking for a ‘safe’ wager. For two of the three outside bets, a zero will result in a loss. Winning any of the following stakes will earn you a 1:1 prize. For example, a $10 bet will result in a $20 win.

  • Even/Odd: Bet whether the drawn number will be even (divisible by two) or odd. 
  • Red/Black: Every number except zero appears on a black or red background. If the drawn number is the same color as your bet, you win.
  • Half Dozen: Bet if the drawn number will be between zero and five, or between six and twelve.

Inside bets are riskier and come with better prizes. They are far from the most optimal move to make but can earn you a lot more if you get lucky and win them.

  • Column: A single column covers three numbers. If the drawn number is from the selected column, a 2:1 cash prize is won.
  • Corner: Place a chip on the border between four numbers to make a column bet. If any of those four numbers are drawn, you receive a 2:1 cash prize.
  • Street: Place a bet on three numbers in a single row. Winning results in a 3:1 payout.
  • Split: Here, you need to place the coin on the border between two lines. If one of those two numbers is drawn, you score a 5:1 win.
  • Straight Up: You bet on one number. If that number appears on the wheel, you get an 11:1 cash prize!

As we already mentioned, there are no French or neighbor bets in Mini Roulette. The only stakes you can place are the ones you see on the main board.


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