Clover Rollover 2 is an online slot machine game by Eyecon. This game displays an Irish luck theme as evidenced by the leprechauns and rolling hills of four-leaf clovers. It features an RTP of only 93.02%, which is low by any online casino standard. Players here can, however, enjoy the ease with which it is played.

In this guide, we look at how to play Clover Rollover 2.

Clover Rollover 2 Gameplay

Clover Rollover 2 Gameplay

Clover Rollover 2 is a low volatility slot. You need to know how to play this type of game if you are going to enjoy any success. With low volatility slots, you stand the chance to get frequent, but relatively low-paying wins. This game is ideal for high rollers who can put up large amounts and wait a short period for the win.

This slot machine game accepts bets of up to $50, which is also somewhat low for real high-rollers. The maximum win you can get on a single spin is x2,000. This means players in Clover Rollover 2 can expect a grand win of $100,000.

Clover Rollover 2 is not celebrated for having the best bonus features. In fact, there is nothing of that kind in this game. But what you can count on in this slot is control. You have the freedom to play the game as you see fit. You can adjust the number of paylines to play with here – you can select from 1 up to 5.

There is also a slider function that allows you to select your preferred bet amount. The tinkering doesn’t end there. When playing Clover Rollover 2, you can also select auto-play to call up the game’s automatic spinning feature.

Game Features

Game Features

It’s not a secret that Clover Rollover 2 is light on the extra features front. There are no free spins or bonus rounds to speak of. This makes it a challenge for this game to attract players in an industry where some games have features bursting at the seams.

Pays Both Ways 

Players can only look forward to the fact that Clover Rollover 2 pays both ways. This means winning paylines can be created from left or right, adding to your chances of winning.

Playing Clover Rollover 2 for Free

Playing Clover Rollover 2 for Free

It is not uncommon for players to be a bit uneasy about trying out new casino games. For games like Clover Rollover 2, which have little to offer by way of bonuses, this truth couldn’t ring truer. But you will be happy to know that you can play this game for free.

Online casinos have demo versions of the games in the lobby that you can try out and see if they are a good fit. You need not use any of your hard-earned money as the game allows you to wager in paper cash. That also means all winnings you will receive in this game will not count. If you feel comfortable about playing for real, you can then move on to depositing actual funds.

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