First of all, what is a free slot machine game? This is an online slot machine game just like any other, but what makes it special is that you play it for free. You need not wager to start playing free slots. Well, yes you wager, but paper money.

Free slots are a fantastic way to learn about casino games. Why risk your hard-earned money on a game you do not fully understand? Free slots allow you to take your time and learn the ins and outs of any slot until you are comfortable enough to commit funds.

In this guide, we will teach you everything you need to know about getting started in free slots.

Why Operators Offer Free Slots?

Why Operators Offer Free Slots?

Why do operators offer free slots? It seems counterproductive, doesn’t it? But consider this. Who will pay to play a game, someone who knows it already and is comfortable with it, or someone seeing it for the first time?

Clearly, the answer is the former. You are more likely to play if you have had time to familiarise yourself with the game. This is why casino operators and game software manufacturers allow you to play free games.

Playing Slots for Free

Playing Slots for Free

The action you take when playing games for free and for real are similar, except for opening a new account and funding it. You can play free games on any online platform which offers them. Usually, these are online casinos and game software manufacturers’ sites.

You do not need an account to begin playing free slots. However, you will need to supply the site with your age first. Once you have found a place that offers free slots and have been cleared for underage gambling, you can move on to the following steps – these will naturally depend on the game you are playing:

  • Select the number of paylines you want to use
  • Enter the number of coins per payline and the coin value
  • You can opt to use autoplay to select the number of spins you want to take automatically
  • Press spin


Advantages of Free Slots

Advantages of Free Slots

When you play free slots, you are playing for fun. There is no money at stake and you can’t win real money either. It’s only natural then for players to wonder what the purpose is. There are tons of reasons for playing free slots, as you will see.

A Simple Way to Learn

Free slots enable beginners to play with ease, harbouring no fears of potentially losing. You can’t learn properly if you constantly fret about losing your money. With free slots, you have time to practice. You can acquaint yourself with the game symbols, bonus rounds, and various other game features. You need to start playing with real money only when you are comfortable with the game. Why not, when there is no difference in gameplay between real money and free slots?

A Variety of Games 

The online casino is a hotbed of entertaining games, you can’t possibly hope to try them all using your account balance. You will be broke in a flash. That’s why free slots are so amazing. You have access to thousands of games which you can try when you wish. You need not pay a single cent. Just play, and even if you deplete your balance, you can just refresh the game and start all over.

No Risk of Losing Money

Free slots allow you to eliminate the risk of losing your money and give you the courage to keep on playing. There is no greater sense of freedom. But this is a double-edged sword. Yes, you can’t lose money when you’re playing for free, but this also means gaining real earnings is out of the question. If you want to win real money you need to put some skin in the game.

Where Can l Play Free Slots?

Where Can l Play Free Slots?

So, where can you play free slots? Our answer is, anywhere else you can play the real game. The best online casinos usually feature demo games. You can access these games on your Android or iOS powered device.

Players can also use the web browser app to play free slots online. If you cannot find an online casino that carries free slots, you can also check out the supplier’s website. You can usually find all the demo versions of the games created by the supplier.


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