Going to the local bookmaker is a pastime for many fans of sports. Placing bets on sports events has become mainstream online, as well. With many countries legalizing online betting, more and more websites attracts bettors with numerous markets to wager on. Undoubtedly, the most common way nowadays for people to bet on sports is via the internet. 

With the right information and preparation, anyone can become a sharp sports bettor.

Benefits of Sports Betting Online

Putting it simply – sports betting is one of the most exciting ways to enjoy sporting events. The entertainment value is huge. Merely watching sports and being a spectator brings thrill. Now, imagine the rush and excitement when you have money on the line.

Furthermore, one can see sports betting as an affordable hobby that doesn’t take a toll on our body. Bettors can enjoy placing wagers from the comfort of their homes, any day of the week. The convenience is a major factor for those who decide to opt for an online sportsbook.

By engaging in sports betting, it is very easy to learn about different sports. Each bettor has their favourites yet learning about new disciplines and new betting opportunities can be fulfilling. Many sports bettors do this for the challenge, as well. The concept is easy – picking winners and losers mainly. However, achieving continual success can be challenging and extremely satisfying.

Ultimately, sports betting online comes with various perks and better odds, as well as more variety. After you join a sports betting site, you can expect bonuses like free bets, free play betting credits, cashback, even extra funds added directly to your account.

Different Types of Sports Bets

As you gain experience with sports betting, you soon learn there are a lot of nuances and wagering opportunities. Picking winners and losers is the basic concept, but different sports offer different possibilities to attach bets on specific match-related events.

Some of the most popular bets include over/unders, accumulators, parlays, moneyline, outrights and handicaps, among others. The most straightforward bet is the moneyline. With this bet, you simply choose the match winner.

Over/unders is a wager on the total points scored, whereas an accumulator bet is a wager on four or more outcomes on a single ticket. All selections must be correct for the bet to win. Handicap bets are also very popular among bettors. They allow sportsbooks to add a specific margin and create a handicap wager on huge favourites for more favourable odds.

Reading the Odds

People new to sports betting can often be confused by odds. However, understanding the odds is an area one must pay attention to. Each bet in an online sportsbook comes with odds given by the bookmaker.

The odds are there to tell you the implied probabilities and potential return attached to a winning wager. When a negative number represents the odds, they indicate that such a bet is a favourite. The return potential in this case is smaller.

Positive odds have a potential for bigger returns as they are attached to the “underdog” options. Betting sites normally express odds in three different formats: decimal, moneyline and fractional. It all may seem to mathematical for a casual bettor, but the truth is most bettors get used to all of it and start using the given odds to their advantage fast enough.


What sports can I bet on?

You can bet on every sport you can think of, basically. Online sportsbooks run wagers on major sports such as tennis, football, rugby, basketball and volleyball, but also other sports. You can bet on hockey, darts, even chess. The best sport to start betting on is the one that you know the most about. From there, you can expand to other sports and explore.

Do I have to be a sports expert to bet on sports?

No, you don’t. You simply need to like sports and know something about the sport you are betting on. Better understanding surely helps, but you don’t need expertise. Also, lack of sports betting knowledge shouldn’t prevent you from trying to make bets. You will learn as you go.

What is live sports betting?

Normally, you would place bets on a sporting event before it starts. This is considered as traditional sports betting. Live betting enables you to bet while the sporting event is underway, during it. While the action is unfolding, you get to make all kinds of different wagers that you traditionally wouldn’t be able to make.

Do online sportsbooks offer lucrative bonuses?

Online betting websites often have promotions and bonuses for their bettors. New members can benefit from welcome bonuses, while existing bettors have various free bets options to look forward to.